Get Rewarded for Your Good Karma with Amazing Karma

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You’ve probably heard of karma (who hasn’t?) “What goes around comes around” and “no good deed goes unpunished.” Well now Amazing Karma focuses on karma in a non-religous way. If you sign up for their pre-launch (they launch in November), you will receive 40 FREE KARMA CARDS! These will not be free after the launch.


What is Amazing Karma?

Amazing Karma rewards doing the right thing. You do a deed, make amends, and move ahead. You get a Green karma card for acts of honesty, courtesy, and kindness. You get a Red karma card for acts of dishonesty, discourtesy, and unkindness. However, you get points for using both, working under the assumption that you are taking personal responsibility for your actions (with red cards) and thus generated positive karma. 


You get a karma point not only when you register a card, but for each person who has registered the same card in the past. 


Karma points are redeemable for charity donations and gift cards. One karma point is worth one penny in Karma Cash. 


Right now Amazing Karma is giving away 5,000 Karma packs in 40 cards in each pack (200,000 total). You can’t beat this deal! Follow the link to get your free Karma Cards today: Amazing Karma Gives away 200K Free Karma Cards

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