Gardening Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

Gardening Mistakes To Avoid At Any Cost

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Gardens are an important part of your property. A great garden will add a lot to the resale value if you ever look to sell. And, the garden is a place to get away from life and relax for a while. Plus, the kids can spend time running around and enjoying life in the garden. The benefits are quite clear, which is why everyone wants a garden to match the rest of their home. To achieve your goal, it is important that you don’t make any mistakes. For all the garden enthusiasts out there, here are the common mistakes homeowners make on a regular basis.


  1.    Not Properly Spacing Plants


Always follow the instructions on the label when it comes to space. Getting the spacing right is important because flowers and plants fight for space. Only the strongest will get enough space to survive, and the other will die. To get a pretty garden full of colourful plants and flowers, make sure you give them the space they need.


  1.    Planting Invasive Species


Regardless of where you plant some flowers and plants, they will take up as much space as they can find. In fact, some will start to kill off other plants around them so they can take over the whole garden. It is a good idea to stay away from plants such as the Japanese Knotweed for this exact reason. Or, you can plant them in a pot first. That way, you can contain the plant as it stops the roots from spreading.

Gardening Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

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  1.    Trying To Tackle Weeds


Obviously, you want to tackle weeds because they make your garden look messy and undesirable. But, it is the way you try and eradicate them that is the problem. If you just cut off the flower at the stem, the weed will grow back in no time. To make sure that weeds don’t become a problem, you need to pull them out of the soil at the roots. Or, you can use a weed killer that targets the roots. Only then can you be sure that they won’t regrow.


  1.    Not Testing The Soil


To get the best results from your plantings, you are going to need quality soil. The nutrients in the soil, among other things, are what allow the plants to grow and flower. Just like humans, if they cannot get enough food they will not survive. You can buy soil testing kits from most retailers that tell you what the soil lacks and what you need to add. Ideally, you should test the soil before planting anything.


  1.    Ignoring The Pros


Whereas most people ignore experts like North Shore Landscapers, you will not make that mistake. Professionals have all the tools and the experience at their disposal to turn your garden into a thing of beauty.


  1.    Forgetting To Maintain


Once you have everything in perfect condition, you have to keep it that way. Otherwise, your garden will start to die. Now that winter is here you need to be wary of the cold weather and the lack of sunlight. And, always keep tabs on the quality of the soil, especially when the season changes.


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