Full Food Bowl? Why Your Dog Is Not Digging In

I love cooking food for my pooch and watching him consume the whole bowl. Therefore, it can be cause for concern if the pooch doesn’t eat a thing when you put the food down on the floor. And if they are not showing any other signs, it can leave your perplexed what’s wrong. Here are some reasons why your dog might not be digging into their food bowl.


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The food is giving the pooch a bad stomach


We might regularly try different foods to see what takes our dog’s fancy. After all, mixing it up is good for keeping our pooch’s taste buds happy. However, you need to be careful when it comes to changing their diet too often. After all, you might end up giving the pet something which leaves them with a poorly stomach. For one thing, it might be that the food is simply too strong for your pet. After all, they sometimes prefer plainer foods. Or it could potentially be that the food isn’t high quality. After all, if it’s not got many nutrients, and full of preservatives instead, it could be causing them have a bad stomach. Therefore, if you are buying ready-made food for your pooch, always check the ingredients first, so you don’t make an error. And sometimes pets just don’t like the taste of certain foods. After all, they can be as picky as us!


They are dealing with a health issue


It can be down to something else entirely if the food is being left in your pet’s bowl. After all, if your pet isn’t feeling well, one of the first things to occur is that they will stop eating properly. In fact, even if it’s things like fleas or ticks, they can get so fed up of getting bitten that it can leave them wanting to hide away and not eat anything. Therefore, if you do spot any of the pests, make sure you get something like frontline plus to ensure the fleas are killed off quickly. And not eating could be a sign that they are suffering from internal pain. And you might need to send them for an x-ray at the vets to see what’s happening. It might be that they have swallowed a sock or toy in your home! In fact, you would be surprised what the vet finds in pet’s bellies! Or it could be something like a kidney problem which will require treatment Asap


It’s down to the placement of the bowl


Pets like their home comforts just as much as us. Therefore, when we move things like their pet bowl around, it can make them feel cautious. And it could be stopping them from eating as they are unsure of the placement of the bowl. Therefore, put it back to where they were consuming the food before. And make sure it’s a quiet area where they can eat in peace and quiet. After all, they might be put off if it’s in the middle of the busy kitchen. And if they have a furry friend, make sure there is space between their bowls. After all, they might feel threatened their fellow pooch might eat their dinner!


And remember if your pooch has been for vaccinations recently, it can cause adverse effects. Just keep an eye and contact your vet if it’s not temporary!

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