Four Ways to Hide Your Pasty Pale Legs

The old movies from the South feature enormous hoop skirts and oversized flowered hats, picnics in the shade and corsets tight enough to make women faint with lack of oxygen. Protecting your skin from the sun in those days was a privilege had by those women who were wealthy enough to hire others to do the outdoor work for them.

Today however, paleness is no longer equated with pampered beauty; instead it is often equated with illness or anemia. It is possible that the trend from pale to tan changed just before the 1930’s when a famous model bragged about her bronzed skin, gained from relaxing on a ship in the Mediterranean. You may be thinking that this is all well and good, but wondering what to do about a tan if your skin has only two capabilities – pasty or lobster red. If you are one who shuns the sun simply because it does terrible things to your skin before you can say SPF 90, here are a few tips that you can use to camouflage the fact that your legs have less color than a new field of snow.

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Tights for women are beneficial in so many ways. They support the leg muscles, regulate blood flow, and help keep the legs warm. They can also be useful to distract from the paleness of your legs. Tights now come in many colors, styles and designs. They can be layered, a colored pair of tights topped with a lacy netting pair of tights to create a stunningly interesting look, and they can be worn in a nude color, which to you may seem like the color of a tan. Some tights are so well made today; it is hard to see that you are wearing any fabric at all on your legs.

Leg Cosmetics

Cosmetic companies have also joined in the hunt for ways to camouflage blinding white legs. Today you can put foundation on your face in the morning to even out your skin tone and give your face a satiny smooth appearance. The same is true for your legs. New lotions have been introduced to the market that even the skin tone of the legs and offer a color boost so that your legs can have a healthy glow.

Tanning Lotion

Companies that market sunscreen are also trying to get a share in the market. Just a few years ago they began introducing a lotion that, if used daily, would offer a bit of realistic color each day, darkening each time it was used until the desired hue was reached. Some found that they had problems with this type of lotion. Because it was applied as a lotion, some began to notice that their palms developed a healthy glow as well, which was not quite as attractive


Airbrushing is a technique that used to be attained only in a tanning salon. With this technique, a person is sprayed with a mist of tanning solution. This safe solution changes the color of the existing top layer of skin cells and is topical, meaning it stays on the surface. The level of color with this type of tan is your choice, though it is recommended to start light and darken slowly.

There are many ways today to help your legs look their best. With improvements in tights and tanners in the last few years, there is finally a solution for those with very pale skin. Instead of feeling as if you have to hide your legs, now you can show them off, knowing that yours look just as sun kissed as those around you.

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