Four Improvements To Make Your Bedroom More Sleep-Friendly

Many, many people suffer from sleep problems. A lack of sleep can be caused by a lot of things including stress, eating too late at night or not winding down properly from your day. And another prevalent reason many people struggle to drift off is that their bedrooms are not “sleep friendly”. This is especially true if you are a light sleeper who is disturbed by the slightest noise, change in light or movement. Even if this isn’t the cause of your struggle with sleep, it couldn’t hurt to make your bedroom more sleep-friendly as one of a number of methods to improve your sleep habits.

 Four Improvements To Make Your Bedroom More Sleep-Friendly

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Here are my four improvements to transform your bedroom into a sleep haven.


Improvement 1: Good night and day distinction


If your room is too light at night time, this can affect your sleep. Blackout blinds or curtains are a great investment to make. If you bedroom is next to a street, you may be affected by the light from street lamps. Blackout blinds will block this out, as well as early morning sun in summer, so that you can have an undisturbed night’s sleep. These window treatments can be drawn back completely so that they don’t affect the amount of natural light getting into your room during the day.


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Improvement 2: A mattress just for you


One household item that I would advise you don’t skimp on is your mattress. There are so many different mattress types available, and all of us have a different preference when it comes to comfort. It took me a bit of time testing the options before I realized that adjustable air beds are my favorite. But you might get a better night’s sleep on a foam, water or pocket sprung bed. So go out and test them all to find out which is the mattress for you.


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Improvement 3: Calming color scheme


It’s amazing what a change in color scheme in your bedroom can do to improve your sleep. Fresh, zesty colors like lime green, orange, and lemon tend to work best in kitchens or living rooms because they are energetic shades. If these kinds of colors are in your bedroom, it probably won’t give off a calming and sleepy feel. For a more relaxed ambiance, neutral, soft colors will work best.


Improvement 4: Soundproofing


If you are disturbed by noise at night, it may help to soundproof your room by sealing up any gaps and cracks around the windows, doors, walls, and flooring. You can do this with acoustic sealant which can be bought online or from your local hardware store. Carpets and good sized rugs on the ground can also help to muffle external noise. However, there is only so much that these techniques can achieve and if you are still affected by noise, try ear plugs or perhaps moving your room to a quieter area of the property.


If you struggle to fall asleep at night, these improvements could make your bedroom more sleep-friendly and allow you to have a peaceful night’s sleep every night.


If you have any more sleep-friendly tips for bedrooms, please let me know!

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