Flooding is a Menace, and I Don’t Let it Ruin My Home

There’s no doubt that as homeowners flooding is one of the biggest problems we face. Flooding in your home can result in thousands of pounds worth of damage. You might see possessions ruined, and whole lives can be destroyed. Many people who experience flood damage are forced to completely refurbish their homes afterwards. And this involves a lot of trauma, stress, and money.

So, I’m going to let you in on the techniques I use to prevent floods from ruining my home. Here are some that you can try to use yourself for your own home.

Flooding is a Menace, and I Don't Let it Ruin My Home

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Flood Plan

If you haven’t already got one, you need to have a flood plan in place. Trust me; the first time we had flooding it knocked us for six. So, after that I vowed that we’d always have a plan in place to tackle any future flooding. It means that any time we have water issues everybody has a designated job and they all know what that is. You need to focus on crisis management and protection of valuables. These factors should be part of your flood plan.


Okay, so now we’re going to look at flood prevention. Now, it can be difficult to prevent your home from flooding. Really, the only definitive way to do this is to make sure you live on a hill! But, there are a few things I can recommend that might help with the process. Have a think about getting Flood Barriers from FloodBLOCK to use around the property. You might also want to consider laying sandbags down in the yard to soak up the water. These should give your property a bit of protection against the water.

Clean-Up Crew

I always like to make sure we have a clean-up crew on hand whenever flooding hits. As a family, we band together to tackle the flooding situation. Now, sometimes this might be more difficult. A lot of the time it will depend upon whether your kitchen pipes burst, or the flooding is external. But it’s important to have people on clean up detail almost instantly. Get mops and buckets and start removing the water from the property. You can throw it onto the grass if necessary; just try to stop it spreading.

Be Decisive

The main thing I would recommend to you would be to act in a decisive way. It’s easy to panic when you first encounter flooding. But trust me; this is not something that is going to help the situation. As soon as you notice any signs of flooding you’ve got to act immediately. The quicker you are at dealing with things, the less damage you’ll endure. You could even carry out a flood drill to see how you get on.

We all know how much of a destructive force water can be, and floods play havoc for homeowners. I like to try to do what I can to prevent my home from flooding. But sometimes this is unavoidable. So I always make sure I have a contingency plan too. This allows me to tackle the problem as soon as it occurs.  


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