Finally there *pant*

Well I finally got around to manually moving and re-dating all of my old posts… Boy was that a pain. Between work and my wrist injury, I haven’t been able to do much crafting, very much to my dismay. Last night, however, I started a new pattern that I thought was super cute. I just bought a new Swiffer and I found this on Ravelry. That site is amazing. I haven’t fully checked out all of its features yet, but I think I will do that today.

Anywho, the pattern uses the ballband design, which Eucharise first showed me and I wanted something one-sided to use it for because the back is pretty ugly. (Most of the patterns were for dishcloths.) I am just using it with one color of variegated yarn instead of two, because the colors look good with the Swiffer colors, and I am really trying to do some heavy stash busting heh.

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