Figuring Out Whether A Pool Is Really The Best Choice For Your Garden

When you think of your dream luxury garden, it’s always a part of the picture. The idea of having a pool that you can just jump into at any time is a wonderful one and inspires thousands of people to install one every year. But before you make the investment, you have to consider whether it’s really the right move for you. Here are a few thoughts you need to spend some time with.



How likely you are to use it

This is the most important factor. If you want a pool, you already likely have an idea that you would love to spend plenty of time in it. However, you need to factor in your climate and how sensible that makes it. Of course, if you have indoor space, that’s not an issue. Outdoors, however, you can make a lot of changes to the garden such as installing outdoor heating so you’re more likely to spend time by or in the pool even when it’s a little chillier. If the climate doesn’t allow for regular use of the pool then it might be worth second-guessing.



If you have the budget

Installing a pool can be expensive, especially if you want the more convenient salt water variety. But you are probably already considering cost. What you might not be considering are the extra costs that come with installing it. For instance, pools need even land around them to be installed effectively. You can landscape your uneven garden to make it more fitting, but it might take more money and effort to do so. Make sure you consider every aspect of the budget, not just adding the pool, itself.



If you can handle the maintenance

Some pools require a lot more maintenance than others. There are a few common issues. When it comes to algae, you need to follow a step-by-step guide to make sure it doesn’t take over your favorite hangout spot. Then you need to keep adding shock and chlorine to the pool throughout the year to keep it clean. That maintenance takes up time and money. Of course, if you get a saltwater pool with a generator, then you only need to clear it out and refill it once a year, but that costs more initially to install.



Whether or not it really adds value

One of the reasons people consider adding a pool to their garden is to improve their curb appeal and raise the value of the home that way. However, that only works in certain neighborhoods. In lower-cost areas, the pool might be a sign of future maintenance costs that raise the price of living in the home which can actually work against home value. If you’re considering the pool as a value builder, make sure you know whether or not it will actually do the job.

Essentially, the deciding factor in whether you get a pool or not you’re going to use it and love it enough to justify the work and cost that it takes. If not, you might want to reconsider it. Otherwise, get splashing!


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