Feeding Your Senses With Hygge

The Danish concept of hygge has become so well established that it doesn’t really need to be translated here; we’ll just say that it’s all about warm fuzzy feelings in the home. The real issue is how to achieve that sensation. As we’re set to have a few months of chilly weather, let’s take a look at feeding the senses and creating a home that is functional, warm, and oh so enjoyable to be in.

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Warmth and Smell


Everyone has an idea about what a cosy living room looks like, but achieving that result yourself can sometimes be difficult. In the beginning, focus on adding the warmth and aromas to the room. There is one simple way to do this: invest in a few candles that have a spice smell! If not that, then a few candles and a plugin diffuser will achieve the same effect. Of course, it’s no use having those things in your home and then having a big, bright light. Opt for small side lamps with a dim bulb instead.


A Warm Underfoot


As nice as the room could look, the overall feel of the room will be severely reduced if the flooring isn’t able to keep up with the hygge feel you’re trying to achieve. As such, it’s recommended that you speak with flooring specialists and find a carpet that will fit in with the rest of your decor. You’ll appreciate the cosiness of your house much more if you’re able to walk barefoot without getting your feet cold!


Adding Art


The hygge factor isn’t just about adding pillows and throws and then knuckling down for the winter. It’s also about those colourful additions that fit in with the design concept as a whole. By this, we’re talking about those unique works of art, ones that have character and style, and a touch of your personality thrown into the mix too. Simply put: you can’t rely on those mass-produced works of art when it comes to hygge! Find a piece that was made by a local artist, and keep things pure.


Bringing the Outdoors In


You won’t be brave enough to head into the outdoors when the winter chill has truly set in, but that doesn’t mean you have to wave goodbye to the outdoors until spring. Instead, bring the outdoors into your home by adding plants and flowers. Even pine cones can be used as decorative pieces; put them on your fireplace.


Simple Minds


The idea of hygge isn’t to fill a room so much that you can’t move. It’s about simplicity. Add the touches that will work for your room, and then leave the rest behind. The key to a simple mind this winter is a simple room, and that can only happen once it has been thoroughly decluttered.




The majority of people try to bypass winter altogether and instead go straight to spring. But this is a mistake! Give your home the hygge treatment, and you’ll be able to enjoy all the simple pleasures of the season.

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