Fed Up Of Redecorating? You Need To Create A Timeless Style

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famously said that fashion fades, but style is eternal, and trying to keep your home up to date with the latest interior design fashions can be exhausting. Sometimes it’s nice to spend a weekend a few times a year doing a decorating overhaul. First, it was minimalist styling, then shabby chic, then we were back in the 70’s for a while with bright colours and spindle-legged furniture, and now we’re right back with the minimalist look again with the all-white rooms that all the beauty bloggers are doing. But if you’re less inclined to remodel every few months and just want something that will look good and stand the test of time, this is the guide for you. Below are a few tips for creating a room that has a timeless appeal.


Neutral colours

Painting your walls is by far the biggest and easiest way to redecorate, but it is also a lot of hassle. Pick colours that go with everything. You can opt for white. However, white is so neutral as to be almost a statement in itself. Think natural colours like brown, beige, and grey. Magnolia is a very popular alternative to white that adds a little more warmth to the room whilst still maintaining neutrality. The colour should be subtle so as to provide an almost blank canvas that will work with any style of furniture. Try to find the interior decorators equivalent to leggings: Perfect with anything. Be it lounging around at home, dressed up to the nines for a big night out, or anything in between.


Wood ages well

Wood never goes out of fashion. Wood is the LBD of decorating. Yes, it changes slightly to go with the trends, but on the whole, it is flexible and ages well. Avoid overly light or dark shades of wood which can become statement pieces. Oak is always popular, as is beech or pine for a slightly lighter finish. Companies like Stag furniture offer simple but timeless wooden furniture that will pair well with any style you choose to create. If you can’t afford solid wood, you can buy newer furniture that has realistic effects or veneer. Failing that, eBay or any of the many buy and sell sites have a huge selection of second-hand furniture that can be picked up incredibly cheaply.


Subtle decorations

Here’s where we bend the rules slightly, because there is a certain amount of redecorating you may have to do, but it’s very simple alterations. Because you have neutral colours and furniture in the room, you can add some slight stylistic effects with the smaller, cheaper items. Cushions on the sofa, or sheets on the bed. Small ornaments and artwork can create a different atmosphere too. The aim is to create a subtle theme in the room using ‘disposable’ decorations and ornaments, thereby avoiding costly and lengthy redecorating projects to create something different in the room.


Hopefully, these tips have helped the decorating shy out there create something that is timeless and low maintenance. As you become more comfortable with altering the style of a room with small pieces, you may decide that you want to create a bold look in one of your rooms, which is fine. But with these instructions, you’ve made sure that you don’t have to redecorate every few months to stop your rooms from feeling like a museum exhibit.

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