Fall In Love With Your Home All Over Again

It’s all too easy to become bored with your home. Let’s face, it if you’re spending every single day of your life somewhere; then it’s pretty likely that, after a certain period of time, it’s going to stop feeling especially interesting or exciting. Some people even get to the point where they live somewhere for so long that they practically stop seeing it beyond a totally functional level. Design features and decorations that were once your pride and joy start to fade into the background, and it’s tough to really pick them out from any other part of the house. A lot of people mistakenly take this feeling to meant that it’s time to move on to greener pastures. But you know what they say about the grass being greener, right? Moving to somewhere new is not only a difficult, time-consuming and expensive process, it’s also not really going to be much of a permanent solution. Eventually, the novelty of your new place is going to wear off, and you’ll be right back at square one where you started. Of course, if you really want to, you can just spend your life hopping from place to place, hoping that somewhere will finally keep your interest long enough for your to put down permanent roots, but most people have neither the budget nor the energy for doing something like that. So what’s the other option? Well, why not make some changes within your house itself? Instead of going somewhere completely new, why not make your home feel like new? This can be in big ways or surprisingly effective subtle ones, either way; it’s certainly a lot easier than moving house every time you start to feel a little bored.




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Let’s start simple shall we? Sometimes all it takes is something as basic as rearranging a room to make it feel completely new. The wonderful thing about your home is that there are no rules telling you how things should be arranged. Want to make it, so you’re allowing more natural light in? Great! Want to create a better feeling of flow throughout the house? Go for it! Want your seating to create a circle in the middle of the room, so everyone is always looking at each other? Why not! When it comes to something simple like rearranging a room, there’s no harm whatsoever in experimenting and trying different things. After all, if something doesn’t work, then all you need to do is put things back the way they were. Not only that but you can rearrange a room as often, and as many times, as you like. There’s no chance that you’ll ever get bored when you can switch up any room in your house whenever the mood strikes you.


Do something bold


Most of the time, you’re encouraged to be subtle in the way that you decorate your home. Neutral palettes and subtle colors are often the order of the day simply because it’s much harder to go wrong with them. But that also means that it’s much harder to do anything bold or exciting. Why not look carefully at your home and see if you can find places where some truly bold design choices might bring some much-needed life into to. Why not use some bright colors or distinct patterns to turn the wall of a room into a feature wall? There’s also nothing stopping you getting creative with things like lighting. Under surface lighting with LED strips is a great way to bring light into a room in a creative and unusual way. By decorating your home in bold and exciting ways, you’re able to make it stand out much more clearly in your mind without having to actually change that much. This is by far the easiest way to bring new life into a home that has started to feel stale and bland.


Have an extension put in


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Sometimes you can start to feel like you’ve outgrown your home. There are two solutions to this. The first, as previously said, is to find somewhere new. But if you’re not ready to give up your home yet and still want some extra space then consider having an extension put in. By increasing the size of the kitchen, adding a conservatory, or converting the attic into a livable space, you completely alter the shape and flow of your house as a whole. You’re able to adjust the way you think about space and the layout of your home, opening up plenty of new and exciting opportunities to get creative in the way that you use the space that you have. This is, obviously, one of the more drastic things that you can do but it’s often a much easier and cheaper option than moving to somewhere completely new.


Make a room completely different


Of course, sometimes you want that feeling of somewhere completely new. If that’s the case then why not redesign a room from the ground up? This goes far beyond simply redecorating or rearranging; this is a matter of entirely changing the way a room looks and feels. You could revitalize the kitchen by replacing the counters with some high-quality keystone granite and tile. Or why not tear of the ratty old carpet in the living room and have it replaced with some natural oak floorboards? Making significant changes like this can make it feel like you’ve walked into a completely different home. Not only that but you have total control over the way you want it to look so you’re able to get that much closer to feeling like you’re in your dream home.


There are dozens, maybe even hundreds of different things that you can do to make your home feel like new again. Not only will it feel like new but this change in perspective can help to remind you of all of the things that you always loved about your home. There really is nothing like making a few changes here and there, big or small, to help you fall in love with your home all over again.

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