Fall Home Decor Tips for Wicker Furniture

Fall Home Decor Tips for Wicker FurnitureSource: Wicker Paradise 

Autumn, in many climates, signifies a change in routine and season. It often indicates a change in lifestyle and household patterns. With it may come a desire to change décor. Decorating for the seasons reflects a personal taste, but usually includes elements of versatility, weatherproofing, budget and modern consistency with current trends. It is important to choose fall décor items which reflect versatility.

In some climates, the fall season may be only a few weeks long, and having pieces which transition between seasons is a great choice. Outdoor wicker furniture, for example, can transition easily from seasons with the addition of accent pillows, a quick change in paint color, or even in positioning.

Summer pastels can transition easily to harvest colors on neutral beige wicker, for example. Weatherproofing can be a constant challenge. No matter your particular climate, there are always elements of wind, sun bleaching, insects, and perhaps even frost and cold.

Outdoor décor elements must be able to withstand these changes. Outdoor wicker furniture can be sprayed with outdoor paint, and is easily cleaned with soap and water. It can be covered with any of the ready-made covers available. It can be stored easily and withstands cold, wet and sun bleaching well. 


Budget is a strong consideration with anyone’s decorating theme. Choose pieces that transition from season to season with only a slight change needed, such as accent pillows on outdoor wicker furniture. Choose pieces that work well with multiple styles – such as metal paired with rattan, or glass paired with stone. Then, only a few elements need to be changed- perhaps a different homemade quilt over the wicker furniture, or a potted plant that accents a table. Keeping consistent with modern trends is another element to be considered with outdoor décor.

Classic, quality pieces, which are resistant to the weather will give you many more years of enjoyment than tacky thrift-store items which are reminiscent of 1983. Consult décor magazines, television programs, internet blogs and suggested pairings on a box. Be open to moving forward. Fall decorating with colours, textures and materials reflective of the season is fun.

If you are able to keep these 4 principles in mind when choosing outdoor décor, especially a permanent and pricey piece like wicker furniture, then you will have versatile and fresh home décor to match the seasons.

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