Exercises Celebrities Swear By

Unfortunately for celebrities, talent is not the only thing that puts them in the limelight. A buff body is a big part of the package and it’s never hurt any celebrity. We’ve listed a few celebrities most loved exercises.

Attaining Usher’s Washboard Abs


Usher’s daily 1,000 crunches. Yes, it’s a thousand! This is, of course, very difficult to achieve so it is wise to begin with a fewer crunches, say, 50. Then, as you slowly get used to these daily crunches, slowly up your number till you reach Usher’s amazing thousand.

Gwyneth Swears by Pilates

Gwyneth is one lean girl so if she says she’s doing yoga or Pilates, then you are guaranteed of a leaner body. Squeeze in some cardio running and organic veggies and you can start wearing Gwyneth’s outfits!

Madonna and Her Ashtanga Yoga

Madonna is one hot mama! She is a devoted Ashtanga Yoga practitioner which is the most strenuous form of yoga. She also does spotted cycling and barely touches any junk food.

Angelina Jolie Kicks High

Angelina attributes her lean body to kickboxing, scuba diving, bungee ballet and, yes, weapons training! She was required to do these things when she had to shoot for the Lara Croft film and video. Now, she stands by these activities.

Jessica Simpson Exercises Army Style

Jessica Simpson had to prepare for Major Movie Star, a recent film which required that she attended an army style training. Climb over walls and through tires and you will know how boot camp training brings about weight loss.

Hayden Panettiere’s Ab Blaster

Hayden’s favorite workout is her bicycle abs blaster. Begin by lying with your face up then bring both hands behind your head. Pull yourself up from the ground as you also bend your knees and lift your upper back.

Scarlett Johansson’s Proven High Intensity Workout

Scarlett spends 90 minutes each day for her high intensity workouts. She lifts dumbbells, works out with resistance bands, Bosu balls, medicine balls and TRX. She also did Olympic style jumping for her role in Iron Man 2 and The Avengers.

Robert Downey Jr.’s Simple Workout

Robert is all about upper body workouts such as dips, pull ups, bench presses and low rows. He also does push ups on the Bosu ball.

Olivia Wilde and Workout Reps

Her role in Tron required that she get into a fitness routine. She did 10 reps of reverse lunges; 10 reps of side to side skips; 20 reps of squats and curls; 20 reps of jump lunges and squat rows; 20 reps of power push ups; and 15 reps of torso rotation.

Amanda Seyfried Loves Cardio

She prefers cardio or aerobic workout because it tends to reduce fat all over her body especially on her abs. She does a lot of running, rope jumping and cycling.

So now you know that celebrities weren’t born with shapely bodies, perhaps, you will be more motivated to begin working out. Just choose a workout that you deem fit for your schedule and physical capacity.  

Kim Langley is a personal instructor based in Scotland. Having achieved weightloss of over 4 stones she is an inspiration to her clients. She specialises in group training & total body transformations.

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