Essential Things You Need To Do When You Move House

Now your house is sold and you’re ready to move into your new place, you have lots to organise. Moving house is rarely as simple as booking a removal van. There is often a long ‘to-do’ list that involves packing, cleaning, and redirections. But there are many more essential things that you need to do before you hand over the keys.


Many people fail to understand fully that their new home could cost them more money on their energy bills. A new building presents new challenges when it comes to conserving your energy use. Your new property may not be as well insulated as your previous home. Perhaps your new place is bigger. You must factor in these changes when it comes to budgeting your household costs.

Essential Things You Need To Do When You Move House

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Moving house is a good opportunity to change your energy supplier and find a better deal to suit the new property. Shopping for your energy provider online often saves you money. It helps you to see the costs more clearly too at times. Websites like offer you savings because you are buying from an online firm. Try shopping around rather than just changing your address details with your current supplier.


Postal redirects can be expensive to set up. But it is sometimes better to swallow this cost than rely on the new occupants passing letters on. Perhaps you’ve been waiting for a hospital appointment? Maybe you sent your resume out a few months back in the hope of furthering your career. If you don’t put a redirect on your mail, you may not receive important correspondence.


There are many different authorities and companies you must change your address with immediately. As soon as you have given up the keys to your old house, it could be a good idea to spend a morning typing out a letter to send out. Your driver’s licence and bank account details must be accurate. Some of the things most often forgotten include your car ownership documents. Don’t forget to update the warranties for large goods like dishwashers, and your email account details.


Keeping your personal details up to date and accurate is important. Contact your family doctor and let them know your new address. When you move house, it’s easy to forget repeat prescriptions or lose important medication in the move. Keep these in your ‘first-night’ bag so they are readily available. If you have children, you might want to keep a small first aid kit handy too.


If your kids aren’t moving schools, their teachers will still need to know that you are moving house. It can be distracting and tiring for children to go through a house move. It can sometimes be upsetting too. If the school knows these upheavals are going on, then the teachers can help your kids through any problems. If your home number has changed, give this update to the school in case of emergencies.


It is easy to forget some of the essential things that need doing when you’re moving. Planning your move so you are organised can help you to squeeze all these things in. Enjoy your new home.


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