Essential Moving Out Checklist For Renters

You’re moving on to a place with more bedrooms and a bigger kitchen. But before you start celebrating, you need to begin the long and stressful process of packing up your stuff, and making sure the house is in good condition for you to get your full deposit back. Here is the essential To Do List for moving out.


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Check Your Tenancy Agreement

Go over any documents and correspondence with your landlord and agency to be sure who is responsible for any outstanding repairs.

Contact Your Landlord

Notify your landlord two months in advance that you would like to terminate your tenancy so that he looks for new tenants while you look for a new place. Also, confirm your moving date so there is no overlap in tenancies.

Organise Your Move

Are you taking furniture with you or can you fit your boxes in your car? Are you hiring a van or getting help from friends? Sort out these details in advance of your moving day.

First, get rid of anything you won’t be needing in the new house. Clothes you haven’t worn in over a year can be donated to charity, books you have on Kindle can be given away, and electrical items you no longer use can be given to friends or sold online. Once you’ve purged your belongings, start by packing seasonal items and equipment that you won’t need right away.

Deep Clean The House

No matter how well you took care of the house, some wear and tear over the years is to be expected. That said, it is a good idea to give the place a thorough end of lease cleaning as soon as you packed away your things. See which repairs you can do yourself to save money, and make sure you will be leaving the house in good condition.

Schedule A Final Inspection

Have your utility providers come over and do a reading so that you don’t receive any bills for a house where you no longer live. Arrange a time for your landlord or their representative to come over and do any final inspections, so you can be sure you are getting your full deposit back.

Inform Your New Providers

At least 48 hours before you move, call the new gas company, electric company, and council to let them know you will be moving house. They will make a note to cut off the service at your current address so you’re no longer paying for it, and some of them will offer to set up your service at your new address so you’re not without water, electricity and a broadband connection when you move in.

Moving Day

Your first night in your new place will be stressful if you have to hunt for your necessities in an endless number of boxes. To avoid this, pack an overnight bag with all your essential items, including your chargers, pyjamas and toiletries.

Whether you’re renting your next place or finally buying your first house, welcome to your new home.



  1. Thanks for your valuable ideas. Packing is the toughest thing in the whole moving process. But, if we pack them strategically, we can happily make the move. Before that, we should declutter the unnecessary items. Considering those items that we are not using for more than one year will help us declutter things easily. However, if you have lots of valuables to move, don’t have time, no friends to help, then hiring a moving company would be the best decision.

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