Dorinda Button Earrings Tutorial

This tutorial is sponsored by Lots of Buttons. They are a site that specializes in all sorts of buttons. There are synthetic, leather, shell, plastic, even coconut buttons! Anyone who has a button fetish will love their site. They were generous enough to gift me with some buttons to create this tutorial on how to make these “Dorinda” dangle button earrings.


 4 “Dorinda” buttons (or buttons of your choice)

2 ear wires

6 jump rings


Step 1: Open a jump wire with your pliers.

Step 2: Add your 2 buttons to the jump ring. Make sure they are facing the way you want (ie the button holes are symmetrical).

Step 3: Close the jump ring. You now have your dangle part to your button earring.

Step 4: Attach 2 jump rings to the top of the button that is going to be attached to the ear wire. This will ensure that the buttons dangle the proper way, showing the full button when worn.

Step 5: Attach the ear wires and you are done. Simple, right?

PS – I party here!

You can purchase these in my Goodsmiths Shop.

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