Don’t Want To Buy A House? Here Are Your Options


So, you’re looking at moving out; you’ve spent enough time living with your parents and you’ve made the decision to go out, fly the nest and make your own journey in the world! However, the housing market is a hard place to understand and play properly, and chances are that you’re not going to want to buy a house straight away, so what are your options? Well, if you carry on reading, you’ll find out!


Renting A House


If you don’t want to buy a house, but still want to live in one then this is definitely something you consider. Some of our needs require a house, perhaps we have too many people in our family to fit anywhere else, but we don’t want to buy a house outright, which is why renting is such a good thing to do. When you rent, you pay a certain amount of money each month to rent the property from a landlord; hbd rentals provide a huge amount of different properties available for you to have a browse through so check them out! Renting takes away a lot of the hassle that you’d have with a normal house; albeit, you can’t redecorate the house or change it’s structure, but you also are not responsible for the replacement of anything that might go wrong which is the biggest advantage of renting. If something such as the boiler or oven gets broken, as a tenant, you’re not supposed to fix it! It’s down to your landlord to get it sorted, meaning that you don’t have to worry about spending money on keeping the house’s appliances working so you can save more money.


Buying An Apartment

Apartments are a viable alternative to houses and are a much better option if there’s not going to be many of you living there, but what is the advantage of having an apartment over a house? Well, there is a few things, the first one being the most important; the price. Apartments are much cheaper than buying actual homes, due to their size and location they are much cheaper than buying a house, something you should consider if it’s just going to be you and one other person! Because of this, you can actually spend the same amount of money on an apartment as you would a house and end up in a much nicer area. The second advantage of apartments is that they are much easier to maintain as there is less space around for you to break! There are less things that can go wrong in an apartment which is another reason why you should consider one. The final reason is that they are much more easily purchased due to the volume of them; websites like sell a huge amount of different flats just waiting to be looked at, so have a look and see what suits you!




Everyone has heard of a bungalow but what actually are they? In essence they are just ground floor homes. The benefit of this isn’t really seen until you start really looking at the possible things that this might incur. The first benefit is that it suits people who cannot handle stairs easily; there are no stairs in a bungalow, and there are no stairs to get to it like there is in an apartment, meaning that it’s a much easier property to navigate around and therefore live in if you have someone in your family that finds it difficult to move around up and down stairs. Just like with apartments too, bungalows are cheaper than buying a house; because they take up less space and use less materials to build, naturally that means that the price is lower so that you can either spend less, or spend the same amount and live in a much more high profile area! However the one problem with bungalows is that they are arguably the hardest kind of property to find and buy; very few of them have actually been built in comparison to houses and apartment blocks, especially in built up cities. This means that you are limited to where you can purchase bungalows, so think about what is near to before you start searching exclusively for bungalows!




One of the unseen options to buying a house is in fact to not buy one at all and abstain from the game of property; and go traveling instead! There are so many different ways that you can do this, the main point of it being that you live out on the roads whilst still holding down your normal job. A lot of people who travel instead of living somewhere static purchase RV motorhomes; these are large enough for you to live in with a few people, and do not cost anywhere near the amount that actual homes do. The other advantage of these is that they can move around, you’re not going to be stuck in one place for your entire life, if you decide you want a change of scenery all you have to do is go somewhere else and drive there! You can buy them from websites like , all you have to do is find one that you’re going to enjoy driving and living in!


All of these things are a viable alternatives to actually purchasing a house outright, you could rent one instead and have all of the comforts of a house but not have to worry about the upkeep as your landlord is going to do it for you! Maybe you should get a bungalow to reduce the price of the purchase and to help anyone that you might be living with that has trouble getting up and down stairs, or maybe you just want to move into a more expensive area, or if it’s just yourself then you could get a simple one bedroom apartment that will contain you happily. Or, if all of this fails, you could always get an RV motorhome and go wherever your heart takes you, the choice is entirely up to you! If you’re going to be moving into one of these places with a significant other, you need to know whether or not you actually should because it’s quite a big thing and is often involved in many property purchases, so read this to get you thinking in the right direction.




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