Doggy Poo Bag Holder

I bought a doggy poopy bag holder, but it ripped and got all tangled in Ralphie’s old leash. He now has a cool extractable one! I figured I could almost do a mini crocheted bag holder and make a holder with a button snap to go over a belt loop or leash.

Size G hook
WW yarn
Small elastic hair tie
Darning needle

Round 1: ch 3 (with the starting loop over the elastic), 20 dc around the elastic band. Sl st to top of ch 3.
Round 2: ch 3, dc in the back loop of each dc. join with a sl st.
Round 3-6 (or however big you want it): ch 3. dc around. join with sl st.
To Finish: sc 2 together around until it is closed. That is just the method I used. You can close it off like you could a hat as an option.
Handle: ch 7. dc across. join with sl st to top of bag, wherever you prefer. keep dc  until desired length. I added a dog bone button and the space between the dc was enough of a button hole for it!

I hope this makes sense! I haven’t written many crochet patterns lately!

PS – I party here!

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  1. Just made one! Turned out great! Thanks for the pattern!


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