DIY Ideas For The Perfect Staycation Home

Summer is upon us, and that means vacation season. But are expensive and hassle-filled holidays the best use of your time and money this summer? Or might you have more fun hanging out at home and spending time in the garden? You certainly could, if you invest some of the money that you would spend on an expensive holiday in renovating and adding to your home. So read on for some great suggestions on what to invest in.


One, place that you can definitely work your DIY magic on is the patio area. Especially if you are still greeted with crazy paving when you step outside, as this is definitely not the trendiest and most aesthetically pleasing option.



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By updating your patio, you can make it the perfect place to set out your table and chairs for eating alfresco during your staycation.

You will probably want to do the work yourself, but remember patio slabs are monstrously heavy, meaning it can be pretty difficult to lift and lay them on your own. To get around this why not go fro a zig-zagged brick option that you can lay on top of the paving that is already there. As this is lighter to move and still gives a very pleasant look.



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You will also need to know a bit about how patios work to lay one properly. Remember that good patio areas are laid at a slight angle. This is to allow for water to run off and away, instead of pooling on the patio. Something that helps the area keep dry and in good condition for longer.

Garden seating

Obviously, once you have installed your patio, you will want to think about the type of seatings and tables you want to place on it.




Recently, garden seating has become very popular. With many homewares stores and garden centers stocking different options. Most on trend at the moment include seagrass cube modules with foam cushions for added comfort. Or plastic wire wrapped 60’s style furniture which can add a real pop of color and a sense of quirkiness to any garden area.

Of course, you will also want something to rest drinks and food on such as a table. The traditional garden table is large and made of wood, and has a hole for an umbrella to go through in the middle.



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However, if you would like something of a more relaxed look, then why not dot around smaller pedestals and coffee tables for family and friends to rest their drink and snacks on. Giving it a more of an outdoor lounge vibe. The perfect place in which to while away a few hours on your staycation.

Garden beds

Now, something that many folks love to do when they are on vacation is a nap in the sun, and to do this at home on you staycation you will need to pick the perfect garden lounger for the job.

Although do remember your SPF 30, and don’t nap put there too long or you could run the risk of getting a little burnt!

If your idea of a sun lounger is one with a metal frame and fabric under tension, it might be worth checking out the newest designs, as they are a little more up to a date. Very popular at the moment are hammock style beds. You don’t even need two trees spaced apart at the correct distance, as many come with their own supports so they can be placed anywhere in your garden that you would like.




Or then there are cocoon style wicker and grass beds, that provide the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors, as well as providing a little shade.

You can even get inflatable sofa style beds perfect for laying and lounging about in the sun. These are made from waterproof materials and can be blown up super quick. Something that is perfect if you have additional guests, or if you want to keep your garden clear for the remainder of the time.


Once you have invested in a good patio, seating and beds for the garden, it would be a terrible shame if the flowers, lawns and plants were not looking up to scratch. That is why is definitely worth directing some of your DIY efforts and time to tend the flora and faunas that you will be spending your staycation among.



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I know that not everyone is green fingered, but you really can get some simple, stunning results for a minimum effort, no matter what you experience as a gardener. For instance, why not spruce up your lawn by aerating it, irrigating it, and feeding it regularly. As that will make it lovely and green not matter how hot the weather has been.

Also, when it comes to plants, remember that you can easily buy some beautiful ones that are already well established. This means that all you need to do is plant them and keep up with their maintenance. Or, for an even simpler option, you can easily scatter wildflower seed 5-6 weeks before vacation time. This will give you enough time to get a riot of color in the garden that will be a joy to behold; throughout your whole staycation.



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Water feature

Something that can be particularly pleasing and calming if you plan to spend a lot of your staycation time outdoors is to install a water feature. A lot of folks get a little nervous when they think about doing this because they believe they have to dig out holes, line them and install all the pumps and filters.

But did you know that you can easily pick up a self-contained water feature that runs on solar power? That means no installation is necessary, apart from placing the item and the solar panel where you would like them to go. Then you can get all of the benefits of the trickling noises and cooling splashes of a fountain, without having to do any of the hard work.


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Swim areas

One major thing that most folks love to do on holiday is to swim in the pool outside or relax in a hot tub. But have you ever considered that you could do things in your very own garden?

Firstly, there are above ground pools to think about. These are swimming pools that are made of wood or metal that you assemble on your own property. They are designed to be deep enough for the kids to swim and splash about in but cost way less that having a tiled pool installed.

In fact, if you have a lot of kids it might just be cheaper to install a pool like this for the summer than it would be to take them all away on vacation.



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Then there are the amazing inflatable spas that are on the market, like the ones that are on offer from Portable Tubs HQ SaluSpa Palm Springs inflatable hot tubs. Easy to install, and keep clean these are even cheaper than an above ground swimming pool and make a wonderful staycation activity for the older kids and adults to relax in.

Of course, if your budget can’t quite swing to a pool or hot tub, then you can always get a paddling pool for the kids to cool down in. Remember though to get one that is covered if they will be spending a lot of time in them. As it’s easy for the sun to reflect on the water and increase the chance of them getting burnt.

Air con


Also, something that is pretty standard for most vacations, especially ones where the weather is hot; is air conditioning. That means if you are planning on staying home all summer, it’s definitely worth getting yours serviced to check it’s working right.

Remember, while the hot weather is wonderful, there will be a time in your staycation, just like if you were on vacation that you will want to retreat to somewhere cool to relax for a bit. So don’t leave any aircon checking and repair to the last minute and get it done before your station starts.


Talking about keeping cool, it’s also pretty important to have some shade available in the garden for your staycation as well as having air con inside.

While it’s lovely to sit of out in the sun, it’s not so nice to eat, read or even play with kids when it’s boiling hot. That means having some shade can give you that right balance you are looking for throughout the day. Allowing you to spend more time outside and get that holiday vibe.

Obviously, there are commercial shades on the market that you can purchase for your garden. But if you are trying to keep the cost of your staycation down then you may want to have a go at DIYing one yourself.

To do this, you will need to follow the instructions here, and purchase some cloth that is weather resistant. Then hem it and include large metal eyelets so it can be hung.


Once the shade is complete, you can hang it with rope from the side of the house. Or even have is on the tensioned rope above particular areas long as you don’t mind installing a few wooden fence posts.  



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