DIY Christmas Ornaments you can make with your child using cardboard

DIY Christmas Ornaments you can make with your child using cardboard:

Christmas comes with the spirit of giving and a reason for joy. Christmas joy drizzle like a snow all over the world and it’s time to get high on the festivities. Even the little ones get gear up for gifts and Santa Claus. But keeping them and their little hands engaged in festive work can be a bit challenging. Here we have few DIY activities that can plan for Christmas season.

There are plenty of options to create a festive feel using simple, handmade decors. These ideas below will help you to get prepared for Christmas celebration.

X-Mas tree:

During holidays, the Christmas tree is always a priority and without it there is no sheer excitement for Christmas. There is no amusement for kids than getting involved in any activity and Christmas tree making is one that you should definitely try. This X-mas tree making will give them play time, and you would save some money as well on the Christmas decorations.

Things needed:

Cardboard, Green or red chat paper, glitter paper (gold/silver), cottons and water paints.

How to:

Take a cardboard in usual brown colour and fold it to make a cylinder for about a feet. Make a cone shape using green coloured chart paper and place it upside down on one side of the cylindered cardboard. This simple two steps will give an appearance of a tree.

To add effect to the tree, take the cottons and round it to make cotton balls. Soak these balls in different water paints and let it dry. Stick those coloured balls on the green surface of the tree. To give more vibrancy, cut a star out of a glitter paper and stick it atop of the tree. Your Xmas tree is all set.

You can also skip the trunk when it comes to younger kids, and just focus on making a cone shaped X-Mas tree and decorate that!


Star of Bethlehem:

Star of Bethlehem was the cue of Christ’s birth, and so it has a special place when it comes to Christmas decoration. Simpler to make than you imagine to make, these little stars can also later be a shimmering item in your crib.

Things needed:

Cardboard, Glitter papers, glue and scissor

How to:

Create two diamond shaped object, one bigger than the other with glitter paper and paste it together with the help of glue to form star. Then cut the cardboard in star shape which has to be bigger than the glitter stars.

Paint the cardboard in red, the colour of Christmas, to keep it as a frame for the glitter stars. Bring both glitter and cardboard stars together using a glue and your cribbage is all ready to shine with tiny ‘Star of Bethlehem’.

Santa Gloves:

Things needed:

Chart paper, Glitter papers or foam sheets, glue and scissors

How to:

On the chart paper draw Santa hands as shown below. Now allow your child’s imagination to run wild! Let them decorate it as they want – with glitter papers or foam balls. Use it to deck up your fridge or cut them up later and use them as tree ornaments.

Ceiling Décor:

Creative hangings give a whole complete festive look to your home and let’s see how easy is the making of this decorative item even for your child.

Things needed:

Papers of different colour, Scissor and stapler

How to:

Cut many kinds of coloured paper into different sizes, two in the same size and one set bigger than the other. Take a piece of strip which should be the smallest of all. Staple a set of strips which is the next size from the smallest, on both sides of this centre piece, on the top as well as at the bottom. This gives a broad and puffy appearance when you keep stapling paper strips one after the other, as size ascends.

Wall hangings:

The walls of the house cannot be left empty as it can really have an impact on the decor. Below are the two uncomplicated but embellished ornaments which bring up a glazy outlook for a complete Christmassy look.

Wall sticks:

Things needed:

Cardboard, glossy paper, scissor, glue

How to:

Cut the glossy paper and make multiple cones with it. Cut out a round shaped cardboard frame on which these cones ought to be placed. Paste a contrast coloured glossy paper on the round shaped cardboard. Mark a central point on the cardboard and closely arrange the cones one by one. Final outcome would be a floral décor which is all set to be stuck on your walls.

Wall danglers:

Things needed:

Thick and thin cardboard, glitter glue, scissors

How to:

Make two small round shaped frame using thick cardboard. Cut thin cardboard into small, lengthy strips and colour it with the help of glitter glues. Once the coloured cardboard stripes are dried, it can be bend as petals and pasted on the round frame. Place the second cardboard frame on top of it and transform its colour with glitters again.

Christmas Ornaments:

Would any holiday DIY be complete without Christmas ornaments?

Things needed:

Thick and thin cardboard, chart paper, colour papers, glitter glue, scissors

How to:

Cut out an ornament on both chart paper and cardboard. Stick the chart paper ornament onto the cardboard one. Make sure that you align it well. Once done, then kids can easily decorate it as they wish!

Creating Christmas ornaments are nothing but a fun activity which induces Christmas fever in kids and adults alike. So no matter how they turn out (the pictures are proof!) do appreciate your child’s effort and praise him/her.

Making these DIY decorations are in fact Montessori activities for kids – they learn a lot! As I see it, it’s a win-win all round! Kids get engaged fruitfully and you can get some me time – that is if you’re done with the holiday shopping and cooking!

What kind of DIY activities do you do at your house? Have you tried making any of these decorations before? Share below!

Author Bio : Anjana Bhartia is a mommy blogger at She describes herself as an imperfect mom stumbling through motherhood, discovering the joys of natural and attachment parenting along the way.



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