Dischord At Home? Make Things Harmonious Again

Are you worried your home life isn’t as happy as it could be? Many people think an unhappy home means crying children and screaming parents. In truth, problems can be less obvious. What about the unhappiness that creeps up when you’re not looking? You may think everything’s fine, only to realize you and your husband don’t speak. One moment your children are loving, and the next they’re locking themselves in their rooms. These are scenarios that sneak up on far too many of us, but how can you tell if there’s a problem, and what can you do about it?


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Like with anything, the trick is to take one problem at a time. Just because there are issues, doesn’t mean you could call yourself an unhappy household. There’s not a family out there who don’t have problems. Don’t assume that the issue lies at home, either. We all have our own lives, and things can get on top of us. In those cases, home can become our only place of sanctuary. If your kids seem distant, it may be that they’re having problems at school. It’s also important to remember that it’s natural for teens to become moody and sullen. It’s all part of them starting the journey towards independence.

If you decide to confront the issue, be sensitive. As a parent, it’s important you know what’s happening. Even so, you don’t want to be overpowering. Approach the subject in the right way. Ask general questions about your child’s day, and try to read their reactions. Then, let them know that you’re there for them if they need you. Opening the doors of communication is all you need to do. It might be worth checking that they’re happy at home, but the chances are, that isn’t the issue!


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You may need to pay a little attention to your marriage, too. The breakdown of a marriage can be the main reason for unhappiness at home. If you’re worried that you and your man have drifted apart, try to talk to him and see how he feels. The chances are, he’s noticed it too. Be careful not to place blame, though. It takes two to tango. Once you’ve recognized the problem, take steps to improve things. Make an effort to rekindle your romance! If you find that the issues are too large for you to deal with, you might need to make some hard decisions. If you do decide to separate, make sure to talk to family lawyers and ensure everything is done properly.
Your priority should be the children and making sure the process doesn’t affect them more than it has to.

None of us want to admit when something isn’t working. When you’ve built a life with someone, it’s hard to walk away. Even so, it can be the best choice if you want to keep your home happy. And, what’s where all this started, isn’t it? Don’t become the couple who argue while your children cower under the table.

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