Different Ways to Craft Invitations

Different Ways to Craft Invitations
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You don’t have to have a Sizzix or Cuttlebug to design killer invitations. (Not that I’m saying they don’t make killer invites! But not all of us can afford one, unfortunately–myself included.) Part of the fun and what makes it special can be the time and effort put into the creation of your invitations. This is also a great activity to do with your children, if the situation is appropriate.

Scrapbooking Invites
You can use scrapbooking supplies to create individualized or a unique set of invitations. Add a picture of your child or a birthday party, or ultrasound for a baby shower. Many people choose to scrapbook digitally, which is great if you have Photoshop skills (or even PicMonkey for that matter). I tend to prefer to get messy and break out the glue and grads and embellishments!

Stamped Invites
You can do so much with stamping. Buy some fun cardstock and stamp your way to some great invitations. You can get stamps that have invite information and lines ready. Add other images and colors.

Scrolls, Vellum or Calligraphy Invites
Printing out on vellum or use a calligraphy pen to create elegant and stylized invitations. This is especially neat if you are throwing a sophisticated party or even a creepy Halloween bash!

Engraved and Embossed Invites
You can engrave or emboss thin sheets of leaf foil, to create a 3d and fun effect. I have long wanted to learn this skill, as I have seen Pearl Ex do some really cool effects!

Important information to include on your invitations:
Date and Time
Location (maybe even add a map or link to one if it is an electronic invite)
How to RSVP (ie email, phone number, address)
What to bring or not to bring
Whether or not there will be food

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