Crocheted Earbuds Tutorial {free crochet pattern}

I have seen a ton of cute wrapped or knotted earbuds to prevent tangles and I thought, I can totally crochet that! Mine are constantly a huge tangled jumble. I did it twisted, to make it look like faux Chinese Staircase knot (the one used on friendship bracelets.) Now I am thinking of doing this to my mouse cord as well, which is constantly knotted, lol. Enjoy!
Don’t you just hate it when your earbuds are always a tangled jumbled mess?
My puppy, Ralphie, helped me pick the colors and sort through the embroidery floss!
Join first color of embroidery floss onto the base of the ear buds.
SC onto base of headphones cord.
A SC should look like this on the cord.
Keep pushing the stitches together tightly, so the base cord does not show through.
Crochet as far as you want with the first color. I did about 2 inches of each color.
You can do this one of two ways.
1. You can SC normally, then randomly twist your work as you go, crocheting snugly.
2. Keep twisting as you SC. Slowly turn the base as you’re crocheting to create a twist affect. (I did #2 and twisted to tweak here and there.)
Join the second color.
SC another 2 inches (or whatever length you prefer).
Keep going until you reach where the cord breaks off into the 2 ear buds. I chose not to crochet the ear bud cords, so that I can adjust them as needed.
Ta Da!

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  1. Now this is just total FUN!! 🙂 Love it!

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  3. Wow… I have to try this and see if I can prevent my earphones from getting all tangled up.

  4. wonderful and impressive. i will try it, thank for sharing

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