Create Santa’s Grotto At Home

Decoration Christmas Ornament Christmas Bulb Lights

Decoration Christmas Ornament Christmas Bulb Lights



Every kid at some point in their lives has walked through the mall and visited Santa and his elves near Christmas time. Kids love Santa, sitting on his lap and telling him what they want for Christmas is all part of the festive magic.

If you feel like bringing that magic home with you this year, there is a way that you can build your own Santa’s Grotto at home! You just need to follow these steps…

Choose a Room

Before you start off, take a deeper look into your home and decide which room you don’t use that often, and which would be the most suitable to creating your winter wonderland for the kids, and yourself. If you have a spare room, this will be an ideal choice. Other options could be your garden shed if it’s watertight or even your garage. The idea is to pick a room which will be able to fit a tree, decorations, and Santa himself.


If you are unsure how the plan this project out, you can get the help of True North Plans to get you started. Once you’ve got a general idea what you want, you will need some tape for sticking things on the wall, plenty of fairy lights, black card to black out any windows, and other decorations to make your grotto really stand out from the crowd. If the room is one you use throughout the year you might want to hold off on strong tape which could ruin the walls.


The word Grotto means cave, so you want to add that sort of dark, blanket fort feel to the place. If you don’t mind about this being a surprise for your child, you could even get them to help you put it all up, and pretend that you are getting it all ready for Santa to pay a special visit before the main event. Use old bed sheets, throws and other fabrics to cover up the ceiling and walls to set the scene. You could even buy some shimmery or glitter fabric to reflect the light and add that extra air of magic.


A Christmas tree, fairy lights, lots of baubles and wreaths are classic Christmas decorations that you can add into your grotto to set the scene. It would also be a great idea to make a sleigh and place a bag of gifts on the back for extra effect.


Fairy lights are the ultimate way to add instant Christmas magic and ambience to your Santa’s grotto. Combining some coloured lights, white lights and even scented candles can make for a really lovely atmosphere. You can even go one step further and purchase some LED reindeer to complete your scene, just make sure the kids don’t try to go for a ride!

Now that you’ve created the ultimate grotto, get someone dressed up as Santa and invite the kids and their friends round for some pre-Christmas magic, meeting Santa and eating cookies!


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