Covered Button Earrings Tutorial

Covered Button Earrings TutorialPossibilities are endless when it comes to covered buttons. There are so many fabric choices, or you can custom print, embellish, add lace… well you get the idea. Here is a super easy tutorial on how to whip up a pair of covered button earrings. These took me less than 5 minutes to make!

Supplies: Fabric, button cover kit, button with shank, E6000 glue (not shown), shank remover (not shown), earring posts (not shown)
Step 1: You start by placing the fabric on top of the white rubber button holder and cover it with the top of the metal button.
Step 2: Push the button and fabric into the white rubber button holder. You may have to give it a lil push, but it should pop right in there. 
Tip: Try and fit all the fabric in (like above). You may need to trim a little off.
Step 3: Place the back of the button (the part with the shank) and use the blue piece to push it into place.  You can add glue before  placing the back to ensure it stays put, but it’s not necessary.  
Step 4: Turn the white rubber piece over and pop the button out.
This is what it should look like. It should be secure. 
Step 5: Take your shank removers and snip or pull out the shank. You can sorta wiggle it out.
This is the removed shank.
And this is the button without the shank.
Step 6: Add glue to the back of an earring post.
Step 7: Wait for the glue to dry.
And you’re done!
These items are available in my etsy shop if you like the pattern. It is slightly asymmetrical in color, which I like.

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