Common Problems You May Face In The Garden After Winter (And Ways To Fix Them!)

During the winter months, we tend to not use our garden very much. After all, it’s too cold to go out there, so our family stays in the warm house. However, when you do decide to brave the cold and check out the garden as winter comes to an end, it can leave many homeowners facing a ton of problems. After all, the heavy rainfall and snow can do a lot of damage to your lovely yard. Therefore, here are some common problems you may face in the garden after winter and ways to fix them!

Common Problems You May Face In The Garden After Winter (And Ways To Fix Them!)



Flooding in the yard


When winter is here, we are bound to experience times of rainfall. And while you are protected inside, it can have a significant impact on the garden. After all, heavy rainfall can cause flooding on the ground. And the water can then block the oxygen supply to the roots. That means the plants won’t be getting their oxygen. And this will then cause the plants to grow yellow leaves and eventually die. If this is occurring in your yard, you need to try and remove as much of the water as possible from the soil. And get rid of any debris which is stuck in the soil. You can then remove any damaged roots from plants which have been affected. And to ensure this doesn’t happen again next winter, opt for plants on raised beds which can’t get damaged in the flooding. And look into different drainage options for the excess water in your yard!


Frozen hose spigot


Frost is one of those things which occurs in the winter months. And while it can make your garden look pretty, it can do more damage than you think! One thing people tend to find after a period of frost is their hose spigot isn’t working. After all, it’s so easy for it to freeze in the cold weather. And then you will find it’s not providing you with any water when you need to use it. If you do get this issue, you can contact a company who do hose spigot repair. That way, you will have it working again quickly after the winter period.

Rusty tools


Another thing which tends to be annoying for garden enthusiasts is their tools go rusty after the winter months. Even if they put them in the shed, they often end up struggling to get them back in good nick after the winter months. And it can take a lot of cleaning before you can use them again. To stop this occurring next winter, you should ensure they are placed in a waterproof box in the shed. It will stop any moisture getting in the box which can damage the tools. And you might want to wrap them in some material which can also stop any rusting after the winter months.

Common Problems You May Face In The Garden After Winter (And Ways To Fix Them!)2



And a lot of people face the issue of faded wooden furniture after the winter months. To stop this occurring next time, you should ensure you have a good cover over your outdoor furniture. And you should also consider getting some wood stain which you can put on to help protect it in the harshest of weathers.


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