Common Household Pests During the Summer Season

Common Household Pests During the Summer Season


Arming yourself with solid knowledge is one of the best things you can do for your general well-being and your home this summer season. Specifically, brush up on your knowledge of common summer pests and how to deal with them with the help of professional pest control services. Doing so goes a long way in making your home a pest-free zone and remaining comfortable while inside.


What to Look Out For


One of the best ways of dealing with common summer pests is to know which pests you can expect to try to move in this summer. Flies, ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches and spiders are commonly found swarming residential areas when the mercury starts to rise. While none pose you or your home any harm, they can become a huge pain in the neck that keeps you from feeling at peace inside your own home.


Preventative Measures


Often, it’s better to take steps to prevent seeing the above-mentioned pests rather than take action after they decide to invade your home. Keep your residence clean, especially in your kitchen and bathroom as food particles and moisture act as magnets for bugs. Be sure you don’t neglect the outside of your home, either. Specifically, you’ll want to keep your grass low, pull up weeds from your yard and trim your shrubs on the regular. While you’re outside your home, take a close and careful look at your foundation to see if there are any cracks or openings insects can use as points of entry. These steps go a long way in making the interior and exterior of your home as uninviting as possible.


Dealing With Flies


When it comes to flies, you can leave out tall cups with honey coating the bottom. Create a funnel with a strip of printing paper so the flies find their way in but have a harder time getting out. For best results, you’ll want to create several of these traps and scatter them throughout your house where the flies seem to gather the most. There are also electric fly swatters that work like hand held bug zappers, just make sure you move slowly while using them to avoid scaring off your prey.


Taking Care of Ants


Depending on the size of your ant infestation, you might be able to handle the problem on your own without having to call up a professional. Combine mint extract with petroleum jelly and spread the mixture across the exterior seams of your windows and other spaces where ants might gain entry into your home. The way this works is ants hate mint extract, and even if that’s not enough, they’ll become stuck in the petroleum jelly.   


Preserving Your Garden


If you like to grow your own vegetables during the warmer months of the year, then you can guarantee bugs will want to enjoy the results of your green thumb. To keep more of your crop yield to yourself, blend garlic cloves and mint together, adding a dash of cayenne pepper and a few drops of dishwashing soap. Boil the entire mixture together and let it sit out overnight before adding it all to a spray bottle. You’ll be able to take care of the pests without worrying about the mixture potentially harming your plants.


Dust Mites


If it’s dust mites that are ruining your sleep, you can spray your bed with lavender, clove, eucalyptus or peppermint oil. The smell isn’t as appealing to dust mites as you might find it to be.


Make your home an anti-pest sanctuary this summer and for the rest of the year. Best of all, some of the above methods also make your home smell great, which you’re sure to love.   


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