Common Home Problems You Can Fix Yourself

When we have an issue in our homes, it is tempting to simply get out the phone book, flick to the page listing the professionals of the trade, and get them out to solve the problem. This is the easy fix, but like most things that are quick and easy, it’s also expensive. Instead, why don’t you roll up your sleeves, apply some elbow grease, and take a look at the issue yourself? You might be surprised just how straightforward some homeowner issues are to fix – and also learn just what you’re capable of at the same time! Take a look at some of the common household problems you absolutely don’t need to pay good money to have fixed.

Common Home Problems You Can Fix Yourself



Water Coming Through


You’re sitting down for dinner, it’s raining outside, you’re feel cozy, and then…drip, drip, there’s water accumulating in your recently emptied bowl of soup. Time to call the professional, right? Hold it right there, buster, because this is one job you can take care of yourself, especially if you have a roofing nail gun. If it’s a small leak, it’s likely that it’s just one tile on the roof that is causing the problem. Get something to cover the hole with, climb up the ladder, and nail it over the offending gap. Hey presto, the leak has stopped and you still have the money in your pocket!


The Drain is Blocked


You’ve been washing your hands for a few days and the water is going down slower and slower, and now it’s barely moving at all! Don’t worry, it’s just clogged with the hair and debris and food and everything else we swill down the drain without too much though. You’ll want to have a bucket handy to catch the excess water, but just unscrew the underneath part of the drain (it’ll be clear where) and take out all the junk. Alternatively, a drain blockage liquid or the old housewife’s trick – white vinegar and baking soda followed by hot water – will do it.


The Light Switch


A light bulb, sure, but a light switch? It’s true, you’ll be able to do it with no problem at all, so long as you have a screw driver and replacement switch. Just turn off the electricity for that part of the house, unscrew the cover, remove the old switch, and take your new switch (found in any DIY store) and connect the wires. Screw the cover back on and that’s it, you have light.


…And when All Hope Is Lost


We’re strong advocates that more people should be fixing problems themselves, but…there are times when only the professionals will do. If you’ve got a serious home problem, structural damage, gas leaks, major electrical failure and so on, don’t visit YouTube DIY channels and expect to fix them yourself: call in the best and make sure it’s taken care of properly, because no amount of money saved is worth putting yourself in danger or causing long term damage to your home.

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