What to Do When Your Christmas Fund is Running Low

The festive period can be such an expensive time. Even when you don’t spend a lot of money on people, you can end up with a lot of people to buy for. First, there are your closest family and friends. Then there’s your work Secret Santa, distant relatives – and maybe your child’s teacher too! […]

Dollar Store Craft Shopping List Printable

One of my most popular posts is my Dollar Store Craft Shopping List. Every once in awhile I update it. I decided to make a printable shopping list so you can grab it and go! I didn’t add the notes and details, which can be found on the regular post. You can download the 8×10 […]

Buy Used When Brand-New is out of Reach

For some reason, we associate used merchandise with inferior quality or other problems making it worth less than new counterparts.  The fact is, most of the homes we live in are used, and certainly flats and apartments are not constructed for each new tenant.  What if every motorist required a brand new car?  The streets […]

How to Choose the Perfect Prom Dress

So you or your daughter are going to prom. This is an exciting–and possibly once in a lifetime–event. You want to make it memorable. The best part is picking the perfect dress. When choosing a prom dress you have a large variety of choices. You may decide to get a long dress that goes all […]

Got My First #JollyVoxBox!

I got my first Jolly VoxBox from Influenster and I was pleasantly surprised. My box contained a mixture of items to test and review. First up was Skinny Cow’s Candy. I have actually tried these before and love them. Each serving is 110 to 130 calories. They are a great way for us dieters to […]

6 Tips on Choosing a Cocktail Dress

When a special occasion comes up it can be hard to find that perfect cocktail dress. Popular to contrary belief, there are many options aside from the “little black dress” that comes to mind when we think of a cocktail party. Choose a fabric that suits you or that you like best. Most popular choices […]

Saving Money On Grocery Bills

Everyone is concerned about feeding a family for less. The average family of four in the UK can spend around £77 a week. This cost is expected to increase another 4% within the next decade. This leaves many people wondering how they can save money on groceries and still produce healthy, appetizing meals. It’s not easy, […]

How to Choose the Best Accent Lighting for Your Home

Accent lighting is a type of lighting most commonly used to emphasize an object or draw attention to a focal point in the home or on a landscape. If you think you have a particular area in your house or your garden that you want to brighten up especially, you need to choose the best […]

The Five Most Useless Kitchen Gadgets

Everyone has done it at some point. You were out shopping, you spotted an in-store demonstration which caught your eye and you found yourself snapping up this ‘once in a lifetime’ offer. You take it home, look around your beautiful kitchen and wonder where on Earth this new gadget is going to go, or indeed […]

Baby Clothes: Shopping the Best for Your Baby

When you have a baby, you always think of providing the best for him/her that you can afford. When it comes to picking out baby clothes, here are some tips and pointers that will definitely help you. Baby clothes should be durable enough. Babies tend to soil their clothes frequently. So, the clothes need a […]

Trendy Floral Prints this Season

This article will reveal some great suggestions on floral print outfits and accessories you can try when you want to live the feeling of this season’s blossom. Winter can come with its own serving of blues and that can transfer to the fashion world too. To shed off its crazy drab, you can try some […]

The Fashion Of Michael Kors Handbags

Handbags are often one of the most prized possessions in a woman’s closet. We just love them, and for many more reasons than the convenience of holding all our stuff. Fashion statements are made by carrying a really trendy designer bag, they reflect our tastes, our personality, they match our outfits and women can spend […]