What Is A Color Change Gemstone?

                                                                 Alexandrite Ring From Milano Jewelry What Is A Color Change Gemstone? While many gemstones offer a range of stunning optical effects, only recently have color change gems made a real impact on buyers. Characterized by their ability to alter hues based on surrounding lighting, these pieces are renowned for their dramatic […]

7 Tips to Make an Impact With Your Jewelry

Making a statement with your jewelry is a great way to add some extra oomph to your outfit. Jewelry can funk up an outfit almost instantly, and it can even make you stand out from the crowd. Many people even arrange their outfits around the jewelry they plan on wearing, rather than the other way […]

Threads and Cords for Macramé and Laddering

  With so many threads and cords on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose; what thread or cord to use for what and when and even knowing what the difference is between a thread and a cord! (A thread is made up of fibers that are twisted and a cord is made of […]

Get Your Sparkle On Giveaway – 3 Copies {#diy #jewelry}

  We are giving away 3 copies of Get Your Sparkle On, a DIY guide to jewelry making. US eligible entries only.  Get Your Sparkle On

DIY Turquoise Statement Necklace with Matching Earrings {tutorial}


#DIY Statement Beaded Bib Necklace

I keep seeing beautiful beaded bib necklaces on jewelry sites and Pinterest. I knew I had to have one! They are so easy to make, you can have one in any color you want! This one is for sale in my Etsy shop, if you aren’t inclined to make one yourself. I am making a […]

DIY Hand Chain Tutorials {roundup} – UPDATED

I am really loving hand chains and knuckle rings lately. So as I decide which projects I want to take on, I thought I’d round up some fun ones to share. Which is your favorite?

How to Choose Necklaces to Work with Your Neckline

Choosing Necklaces for Necklines by imogenl featuring chesca I found this awesome guide via Polyvore. It’s a great picture tutorial for what jewelry works with what shirts. Check out the link for specifics on the pieces or the clothes.

Cross Sliding Knot Bracelet {DIY}

I love sliding knots. They’re easy to make once you get the hang of it and they have such a flexible fit that you can adjust them to wear anywhere on your arm candy party! In case you’re wondering, the other bracelet in the pic is the DIY Macrame Bracelet by Honestly WTF. Very cute […]

The Best Breitling Watch for You

Founded in Switzerland in 1884, Breitling is one of the world’s premier producers of top quality chronometers. It has an unsurpassed reputation for quality, style and innovation. For the discerning watch buyer, Breitling has a fine range of timepieces. Among them, you will find the best Breitling watch for you. You will find a sample […]

Quick Layered Necklace {DIY}

This is a quick tutorial on how to turn prestrung beads or a beaded necklace into a tiered necklace. Materials: Strung beads or old necklace folded in half or thirds jump rings chain clasp Decide how you want the necklace to lay and fold the beads. Use needle nosed pliers to add a jump ring to each end […]

Ombre Crochet Love Bracelet {diy}

I love the curved connector bracelets – words, crosses, evil eye, etc. I decided to try crocheting on in lieu of the popular macrame versions. The straps aren’t as stiff as I used cotton thread to make them. My thread created an ombre effect, but you could do stripes, solid colors, etc. Supplies: crochet thread or […]

DIY Basics: Guide to Types of Chain

Check out Design Thrift’s Guide to different types of chain!

How to Make Silicone Molds {diy}

If you make your own silicone molds, you can save a ton of money, not to mention create a mold of practically anything. My example is a mold of a basketball button. It is super easy to do and one package (usually $20 or a little less) can make tons of molds. I used a […]

Crochet Colorblock Rhinestone Bangle Tutorial

I recently posted a rhinestone bangle tutorial I crocheted with a promise of a tutorial to follow. Embroidery floss has become really popular in jewelry lately, but I love to add a crocheted twist to things as crochet was my first crafting love. Well here it is: All you need is some embroidery floss, the […]

Super Easy Rhinestone Bangle {DIY}

  This is a super easy base tutorial on how to make a rhinestone bangle. I am going to build onto it in my next tutorial to make a crocheted color block rhinestone bangle. I made a post a while back putting on in my etsy shop. But there are so many things you can do with this. […]

How to Make a Tiered Necklace {DIY}

  Materials: 2 different size pearls or beads (larger and smaller) chain wire jump rings crimp beads ribbon (not pictured) ribbon clamps (not pictured) E-6000 (optional) lighter or Fray Check (optional) Tools: wire cutters crimpers round nose pliers flat nose pliers Step 1: String larger beads onto ribbon clamps using crimp beads and beading wire. […]

New Supply Shop!

I am so excited to share my new supply shop. I really debated where to open it (ie self hosted, Etsy, Art Fire) and decided to start with Etsy and take it from there. I plan to make a lot of the supplies myself once it’s stocked, and maybe even some kits from tutorials on […]

Jewelry Wire Straightening {tips}

Nylon-jaw pliers are great for straightening wire, but if you don’t have a pair handy, pinch the wire between your fingernail and the pad of your thumb. The gentle curve this creates is perfect for earring projects. PS – I party here.

How to Make a Spiked Chain Necklace {DIY}

Spikes and studs are all the rage right now. I have seen a ton of cute necklaces and bracelets with spikes. Instead of being a goth look, spikes are now hipster too! I decided to make a basic spike necklace and thought I’d share. Materials 20 in chain clasp and hook 8 jump rings 6 […]