Booking a Family Holiday in the New Year

2016 is rapidly approaching, and it’s going to signify a time for change and a time for seizing opportunities. In the New Year, it would be great to book a family holiday together. Okay, yes, you’ve all spent time together recently for Christmas. But, why not think about booking a holiday, perhaps for the summer? […]

16 Fabulous Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Courtesy of Terrys Fabrics.

5 Exciting Family Vacation Destinations in France

Bonjour!  Thinking of taking your family to France?  The weather’s great, the culture is rich, the people are friendly (mostly), and there’s just so much to see and visit. Perhaps you’re just looking for fun activities.  Or planning to bathe in history and culture.  Or maybe you’re coming simply to enjoy the scenery.  Well, you […]

Stuck For Gift Ideas? Try Giving A Unique Gift Basket

The beauty of giving a gift basket for the holidays or just to show someone you care, is that it can be truly personalized to the person you are buying it for. Whether you are buying for a pet lover, someone who loves cooking, or a fashion connoisseur, there are endless pre-made gift baskets available. […]

What to Do When Your Christmas Fund is Running Low

The festive period can be such an expensive time. Even when you don’t spend a lot of money on people, you can end up with a lot of people to buy for. First, there are your closest family and friends. Then there’s your work Secret Santa, distant relatives – and maybe your child’s teacher too! […]

3 Fantastic Gifts Your Dad Would Love

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Everywhere you go you’ll see people rushing around buying presents, hanging up lights and getting ready. But, you may still be behind on your Christmas shopping. I tend to put some people’s present buying off until the last minute. Let’s face it, some people in our life […]

The Essential Guide to Christmas Decorations

It’s getting to about that time of year when we need to start thinking about decking the halls. I know, I know. You don’t want to hear it, but Christmas is once again fast approaching and bringing all the stresses of the holiday season with it. Where has this year gone?   Without a doubt, […]

The Simple Bliss of Carving Pumpkins

Halloween, or all hallows eve, is the one night out of the year where it is said that the veil between the physical world and the spirit world is at its thinnest. Ghosts, goblins, and other fantastical creatures are said to freely walk the earth until sunrise the following morning. This idea gave rise to […]

Free Halloween Printable – Happy #Halloween! #HappyHalloween

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a free printable? Click the image or here for the full-sized image. Print it and hang it on the wall or place it on your mantel. Celebrate in style!

Fall Home Decor Tips for Wicker Furniture

Source: Wicker Paradise  Autumn, in many climates, signifies a change in routine and season. It often indicates a change in lifestyle and household patterns. With it may come a desire to change décor. Decorating for the seasons reflects a personal taste, but usually includes elements of versatility, weatherproofing, budget and modern consistency with current trends. It […]

Free Kindle Games and Apps Until Saturday!

9 DIY Easter Egg Projects {Roundup}

It’s almost time for Easter! Kids just love to make Easter eggs and go on Easter egg hunts. Here are some awesome DIY Easter eggs I have come across recently:    

Save Money at the Holidays by Trimming Down Your Christmas Tree Expenses

Besides the inevitable load of holiday gifts, Christmas booze and snacks, and travel related expenses that you will be shelling out in the month of December, one of the other costly things you will be paying for around this festive time is likely to be your Christmas tree. There are a few factors that you […]

Fun and Meaningful Ideas for Celebrating Your Baby’s First Christmas

This year your life has changed in an incredibly meaningful way- you have brought new life into the world. Having a baby totally turns your world upside down and the first year is a blur of exciting firsts – from the first word to the first crawl to the first step. When the holiday season […]

How to Make Snow Man Earrings {diy}

  It’s that time of year! Nothing says winter wonderland like a cute pair of snowman earrings, right? Well, let’s get right to it then! Materials: 2 large white pearls 2 small pearls 2 rhinestone round spacers 2 black sequins 2 black square beads 2 ear wires 2 headpins round nosed pliers wire cutters (mine […]

Easy Autumn Earrings

I bought some glittery leaf confetti at Dollar Tree, and I was playing around with different uses. I threw together these super easy autumn leaf earrings, mainly just playing around with my new small hole punch. Thirty seconds and some earrings, not bad! Materials: Leaf confetti, earring hooks, small hole punch Just punch a tiny […]