Seasonal Design: Organic Interior Inspiration

An element of nature has been at the forefront of interior design thinking for as long as I can remember. Even if it’s an understated component in a room’s composition, many people still strive for an organic overtone. Why? The answer to that question predates even contemporary living. For as long as we’ve been around […]

How to Survive a Power Outage

Image Credit   It seems that everyone is connected these days. With the advent of technology came an entirely new way for us all to live our lives. No longer did we have to sit around and figure out something to do together. Everything we ever could have possibly wanted was at our fingertips. Now, […]

Want To Cut Down Using Your Car? Try My Weird And Wonderful Ideas

I’m always looking for great ways to save money. It occurred to me that one of the biggest expenses we have in life is running a car. Cars on their own costs thousands. But then you need to add the cost of the fuel, maintenance, repairs and insurance. How much must all that come to? […]

Easy Eco-Friendly Home Decor

You might remember that back in August I shared a post about how my partner and I had been working hard to make our home more eco-friendly. Since we have finished making the initial updates, I thought I would share some tips for green decorating. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that green home decor […]

Give Your Family Purified Water Without All the Toxins

Photo Credit: Water Liberty A lot of people are completely unaware of how important it really is to have living mineralized, oxygenated water. Most Americans are drinking dead water devoid of essential minerals our bodies need to properly take in vitamins. After reading the information in the next few paragraphs you will be able to […]

Easy Ways to Update Your Garden in No Time

If you want to update your garden but you haven’t got a lot of time, there are plenty of things you can do to make it look better. Check out these easy ways to update your garden in no time:   Get Some New Ornaments   If you don’t have ornaments in your garden, you’re […]

Here’s What I’d Do To My Home If I Lived Off The Grid

Most of us rely on utility companies to supply energy to our homes. We also depend on other people to produce and package food for our daily consumption. While that’s all convenient, I can’t help but wonder if many of us know what to do if we had to live “off the grid.”   I […]

Wonderful Things You Can Do In Your House To Save Money!

Owning a house means you’ll always have to pay for a lot of things. Soon, the costs can add up, and it becomes overwhelming. To help fix this, I’ve got some ways you can save money in your home: Watch Your Water Use I often find that my water bills are getting more and more […]

Awesome Additions to Help Make Your Garden More Wonderful

Image Source   Treat your garden with respect because it’s one of the best parts of your property. You should always look for ways to make your neighbors envious of your garden. And here are some great additions that will help you achieve this. Fence A fence is always a worthy addition to any garden. […]

Energy Saving Tip (Keep a Full Freezer) Plus Lennox Energy Savings Superstar Contest #EnergySavingsSuperstar

Did you know that you use less electricity when you have a fully stocked fridge or freezer? That’s right, shopping in bulk saves you money in more ways than one. When there is more food in your fridge or freezer, it requires less energy to stay cold because it doesn’t have to work as hard. […]

Awesome Ideas For Making Your Home Greener And More Valuable

Link   I’ve been working hard to create a greener home for my children during the last few months. I sat down with my partner and made a big list before we started. The ideas mentioned in this post come from that piece of paper we still have displayed on our fridge. Thankfully, most of […]

Tips and Tricks For Creating A Luxurious Garden

  Making good use of your outdoor space is a sensible idea during the summer months. That is especially the case if you want to hold family garden parties. However, some people are less than confident about inviting guests over. That is because their gardens still require a lot of work. To give you a […]

Lennox Energy Savings Superstar Contest #EnergySavingsSuperstar

    Energy Savings Superstar Contest Overview: The Energy Savings Superstar Contest (ESSC) is an annual contest Lennox® executes. The basis of the contest is for anyone to submit: 1) An energy-saving tip they use in the summer in 200 words or less AND 2) A picture that illustrates this tip. Four finalists will be chosen […]

My Huge Guide to Ensuring Your Entire House is in Tip Top Condition

We all want to have that house on the street that everyone is in awe of. The one that the neighbours talk about, because they wish their home looked that good. The thing is, it doesn’t need to be difficult or cost a small fortune. To keep your property in tip-top condition can be a […]

How to Make Your Own Amazing Eco-Friendly Bathroom Cleaners

How much money do you spend on cleaning products? And how healthy are they for you and the environment? Why not try to get a super-clean bathroom that is easy to maintain with cheap, eco-friendly solutions? Read on for our money saving tips for a greener, cleaner bathroom.   Clean Your Toilet   Cleaning a […]

Greener Home Improvement Techniques

These days it pays to embrace greener living. Saving the environment is no longer something greeted with scepticism. Instead, it’s something that seems to be embraced all over the world. With more people taking steps to make sure they look after planet Earth newer techniques have become available. You might already observe many eco-friendly forms […]

How to Spend 15 Cents a Day to Heat Your Room

This is a really cool post on how to use tealights and ceramic pots to create an effective heater for 8 pence or 15 cents a day. Here are a few fun responses to critics he’s had (he’s a really funny guy): “Feel free to post that this will never work because you have to […]

Constructing your Dream Home: Most Important Factors to Consider

Building a new home is both exciting and expensive. Novice home buyers often think that purchasing a new home is smarter and more cost efficient that buying a used home. However, it is important to note that a new house’s maintenance costs should be considered before consulting one of your city’s esteemed luxury builders. It […]

Preventing Mould in Your Conservatory

Conservatories are a great way for you to enjoy a variety of weathers, from blaring sun to harsh rain, and with an aesthetically pleasing design, conservatories are an incredibly popular extension to modern day houses. However due to their proximity to the garden and exposure to the elements, conservatories can frequently become subject to damp […]

When Electricity Bills Attack – Are Storage Heaters Suitable for Any Property Today?

Back in the days when the twentieth century was young and electricity was cheap heating our homes using electricity was considered not only de-rigueur but displayed the hallmark of modernity. How things change. Today electrical heating systems are considered to be amongst the most expensive ways in which to heat your home. Direct heating using […]