Stuck For Gift Ideas? Try Giving A Unique Gift Basket

The beauty of giving a gift basket for the holidays or just to show someone you care, is that it can be truly personalized to the person you are buying it for. Whether you are buying for a pet lover, someone who loves cooking, or a fashion connoisseur, there are endless pre-made gift baskets available. […]

Stocking Filler Ideas for Your Mum or Grandma

There are only a few weeks left to go, lovely people! Are you all set for Christmas? I have got a few bits left to get so I shouldn’t be too rushed or stressed. I do struggle to know what to get for my mum, though. Grandparents are the same. So I’ve had a think […]

3 Fantastic Gifts Your Dad Would Love

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Everywhere you go you’ll see people rushing around buying presents, hanging up lights and getting ready. But, you may still be behind on your Christmas shopping. I tend to put some people’s present buying off until the last minute. Let’s face it, some people in our life […]

Perfect Gift Ideas For Your Guy Friends

Many men are notoriously hard to buy for, despite the fact that they have lots of hobbies and interests. Whether you are looking for a birthday or Christmas gift, it’s important that when it comes to buying for a male friend, that you get it right. Picture link   Regardless of whether you are shopping […]

Great Gift Ideas For The Whole Familly

There is nothing like giving a gift to someone who you love and hold dear. Whether it’s a birthday or another special occasion, there’re plenty of opportunities around the year to give your loved one a present or two. I think it shows how much you care. But, I suppose I think of gift giving […]

Soap Sock {Knit and Crochet Pattern}

Soap socks make great gifts that work up fast! The wool felts as you use it, making it a great natural exfoliant. It shrinks with the soap. This is a very customizable project. All you need to do is knit or crochet wide enough to snugly wrap around the soap, then close it off. My […]