Stay Safe Online By Avoiding These Top Three Scams

Living in a democracy means there are laws to abide by. Most of these laws are brought in through a controlled government process, and they are designed to protect us from harm. For those people that do break the law, they can be caught, trialled and punished as the state sees fit. But, the revolution […]

Strapped For Cash? Keep Your Household Bills Low With This Handy Guide

We can all get in that relentless routine. Heading to work, earning the same amount, but never finding ourselves moving forward financially. Sound familiar? You are not alone. Many households today find themselves stuck in a rut when it comes to their bills and outgoings. Concluding that they never have any extra disposable income to […]

The Easy Guide To Look After Your Car In All Seasons

When more than one of you is driving the family car, it can be even more important to look after it each time you drive. Sure, it’s a hassle moving the seat back into your preferred position. And then there’s the nuisance of to reset the wing mirrors. But when your teenage son has forgotten […]

Surprising Ways Your Home Is Wasting Money – And How To Fix Them

Many of us invest a lot of time, energy, and savings into our home. The down-payment for purchase or rent. Renovations or small upgrades. Furnishing each room with items that suit our taste and personality. The money we spend on our home can be a large portion of what we have earned or saved. It […]

Things To Do When You’re Buying A Home

                        Source Buying a home is one of those rites of passage of adult life. Most people go through it at some point. The truth is, everybody tends to find it a particularly stressful time in their life. Nonetheless, it is always worth it when you come out the other end with a new house. […]

Start A Household Budget Today In 3 Easy Steps

Managing money is something many of us have never been taught. Yet it’s something we are expected to excel at and control on a day to day basis. This can leave people feeling frustrated and unable to manage their finances effectively. Good money management is something every parent should try and pass down to their […]

Ultimate Guide To Savings: Why You Need To Do It

When you were a child, you probably had a piggy bank or a savings box. You may even have stopped by the bank each week to deposit a few pennies into an account. As adults, we don’t tend to save so routinely. Any piggy banks we have are probably ornaments on the mantel rather than […]

Take The Kids To Attractions For Free!

As you know, I’m always on the lookout for bargains. And if I can push my bargain hunting to provide freebies, you know I’m going to do it. The holidays are fast approaching. Many families are worried about the cost of taking their kids out places without breaking the bank. And with nieces and nephews […]

Want To Cut Down Using Your Car? Try My Weird And Wonderful Ideas

I’m always looking for great ways to save money. It occurred to me that one of the biggest expenses we have in life is running a car. Cars on their own costs thousands. But then you need to add the cost of the fuel, maintenance, repairs and insurance. How much must all that come to? […]

How To Avoid Problems When You Fall Behind On Your Bills

Chris Potter   I hear a lot about debt these days, and it makes me think how we are all just an event away – or maybe two – of facing serious financial trouble. It’s easy to look at people with bad debts and think it wouldn’t happen to you. But, we just don’t know […]

How I Live On A Budget And Afford More Luxuries

Trying to save money can be difficult and often leads to dire results. This can be a bother, particularly if you were hoping to scrounge enough funds together for a luxury holiday. I remember, when I was younger, I was living in a rented apartment and basically trying to keep costs low. But, I was […]

Dollar Store Craft Shopping List Printable

One of my most popular posts is my Dollar Store Craft Shopping List. Every once in awhile I update it. I decided to make a printable shopping list so you can grab it and go! I didn’t add the notes and details, which can be found on the regular post. You can download the 8×10 […]

Where Does the Money Go? {Infographic}

  Infographic Courtesy of BuddyLoans.

What All Men Should Know About Fashion

In general, men aren’t as clued up about fashion as women are. I know that’s a generalised statement, but it’s true. Some men are brilliant when it comes to fashion, don’t get me wrong. However, most are a little clueless and just winging it. This post should be read by any male that doesn’t have […]

Simple Ways to Reduce Your Monthly Energy Bills

We all have to deal with those dreaded energy bills. But rather than just grinning and bearing them, is there not something you can do to make them smaller? Here are some ideas to help do that.   Avoid Estimated Bills   When an energy supplier can’t get access to an exact reading of your […]

A Few Ways to Invest in Your Family’s Future

As a parent, you’re probably concerned about your family’s future. There are a lot of financial problems that can befall the best of us. But here are a few great ways to invest your family’s future.   Start an Education Fund   The future of your children lies in their education. It is more difficult […]

How to Beat the Credit Crunch and Still Own Your Own Home!

These days many people’s dreams of owning their own home are dashed by how expensive it is. A lot of us are still recovering from the recession and money is tight. The trouble is, buying a property is very expensive, so it’s not viable for a lot of people. You need to be sure you’re […]

5 Super Ways To Save Money On Your Household Bills

When it comes down to it, we could all do with having a little more money. Being a homeowner comes with its fair share of problems and costs. When the end of the month looms, you might find that you run out of cash. You are not alone. What makes things worse is the fact […]

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