Bringing The Class Back Into Classical Furniture

Wanting a certain touch of class in your home is far from what the popular belief might lead you to believe. There’s nothing snooty or snobbish, about wanting your surroundings to be that of exuberance and lavishness. Afterall, it’s your home, and you can decide what kind of style you want. The trouble with classic furniture is that of course, it’s bathed in time. The further onward time goes, and humanity with it, the lessons and teachings of the traditional lifestyle begin to fade away. And yet, television shows and magazines, all have traditional-style furniture in their foregrounds; it’s almost as if the power emanating from these past time periods, refuses to die off. Just as well, because furniture used to mean something. It wasn’t just there to be there; it had real intention.


Photo credit – João Gustavo Rezende


Living room socializing


Most homes now have a living room table. However, the modern designs dictate that these tables should be purely family-minded. Families with children and dogs, often run around in their home, and could potentially harm the table. Hence why most living room tables are large and made out of metal. You can put your feet on them if you wish and even be content with staining them with a coffee ring. However, this shouldn’t be the case if you want to have something stylish and traditional in your home. A medium to small sized, coffee table, made purely out of wood, would bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to your living room. This sort of table is not to put your feet on or allow it to be bumped into every so often. The height will be below your knees, and so, it asks those who wish to use it, to be seated. This kind of attitude is there to subtly make people sit and talk while using their coffee table.


Classical bedrooms


Classical homes used to be expressive havens of art, literature and the epitomes of human emotions. So, if you want to bring a little class back into your home, there are a few things you should add to your bedroom. Glamorous furniture as a Bella Venito collection or perhaps a Cloche collection, both of which make use of darker colors, contrasted by smoother tones of white, beige and blues. This kind of bedroom is cozy, extravagant and full of character. The bedside drawers are handmade, and the cabinets have large mirrors standing gracefully tall.


Image source – Petr Kratochvil


Lamps and tables


In your living room or perhaps even your hallway, you should have a small table on which you can assert certain things. The table will stand on spindly legs, curvaceous in nature, as well as the top being made purely out of one fine, and smooth sheet of wood. On the table you might find, a place for a traditional lamp. This is where you can get creative with light because the lamp shade will add a new layer of imagination to your room. The shade may differ in material, such as cotton or spun wool. Equally, the shape and size of the shade will more than likely be a widened cylinder, or a slightly widening rectangle, which accentuated tails. The base of the lamp may be wooden or made out of ceramic. The ceramic may be painted, and the design is incorporating vines, diamonds, animals, and season shifts.


Bringing the class back into classical living is a task that requires you to be open to history. These designs have been passed down from generation to generation, and now find themselves fading away in many home decor brands. However, they’re largely respected and bring the most sophistication to your home, then other, other style.


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