Bring Contemporary Chic To Your Home

As far as home decor goes, more and more people every day are opting for the contemporary, modern vibe. There is just something about a contemporary home that is that little bit aspirational – after all, who hasn’t dreamt of living in a chic penthouse city apartment before? But you don’t actually need to own such a dreamy property yourself to bring an edge of modern cool to your home. Take a look at these tips on how you can create a contemporary haven even in a home that’s older than you!


Shun traditional materials…

…for newer ones. Typically, aged properties have featured certain classic materials such as dark wood surfaces and heavy-set carpets. Modern properties, on the other hand, are also about embracing new materials that wouldn’t be seen dead in a traditional or period home. Glass is one of these and is used in everything from dining tables to kitchen countertops. It immediately looks sleek, providing you keep it clean and free of fingerprints, of course! The only issue you face is if something should happen and your glass table or surface ends up cracking. Make sure you have a number available for a company who specialize in cheap glass repair so that you can rectify the problem as quickly as possible. Another example of the modern material is light wood (such as beech) and slate, which is especially popular in kitchens these days.

Let in the light

One of the reasons why so many of us are drawn to the ‘top floor penthouse’ vibe in terms of interiors, is because of the amount of light that these types of properties let in. Dark homes can immediately look aged, and they can even affect how you feel inside. A lack of vitamin D can severely bring down our moods, as well as potentially leading to numerous health problems too. Allowing as much natural light as possible into your home is an easy way to make it look much more modern, as so many contemporary homes are full of light and airy spaces. Maximize your window efficiency by cleaning them regularly and by tying back your curtains and blinds during the day. If you actually lack in the natural light full stop in your home (potentially because of the way your home faces), you may want to consider having some more windows installed.


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Add some modern art

We often underestimate the power that art can have regarding transforming a room. Modern art tends to be all about simplicity and minimalism, so by picking just a few choice pieces, you can easily bring an air of contemporary coolness to your home. Think carefully about where to hang them, and be mindful not to overdo it – remember you can always have too much of a good thing! One fun way to display your modern art is to pair it next to some of your period features if you do happen to live in a very traditional home. The juxtaposition will be unexpected and for that very reason, it will bring your home straight into the 21st century and beyond.

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