Beaded Headband

Beaded Headband [Ravel-It!]

Difficulty: Easy

Materials: Small amount of WW cotton (2 oz. or less), G Hook, approximately 44 6mm beads

Note: You can add or subtract from the beginning chain to make it longer or shorter, as long as it is an even number. I made the chain, then sl st it together and made sure it fit my head before continuing.

prestring about 44 beads (may wanna do a few extra just to be sure)

Ch 88, sl st to form a ring (make sure it doesn’t get twisted)

Row 1: ch 1 (counts as sc.) sc across (88 total)
Row 2: ch 2 (counts as hdc.) pull 1 bead up to the hook. c 1. skip next st. *hdc in next st. pull 1 bead up to the hook. ch 1, skip next st.* repeat from * across. sl st last ch 1 to top of beginning ch 2. (44 hdc and 44 ch)
Row 3: ch 1 (counts as sc.) sc in each ch1 space and hdc across. (88 sc)
Weave in ends.

This works up so fast and is a good idea to sell for profit! Just please give me credit to the free pattern via a link. Please do not distribute the pattern as your own, but I have no problem with these being sold as long as there is proper pattern credit. We’re all struggling “artists”! 🙂

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  1. says:

    I need help with this pattern and and other things along this line.. do you do this?? Do you string the beads on crochet thread and work the treads &fingerling yarn together togeher and pull up the beads as needed or do you estimate the amount of yarn you’kk need and strinmg the beads onto that??
    When my Girls were younger our Aunt made them storebought socks that were hemstiched & crocheted with beads added. They were simply beautiful. The Girlz called them their Princess socks.
    I jnow how to crochet at an easy level and I can hemstich but I can not figure how to add the 2 in this pattern or any other. 8( I think I mentioned I would love to make the headband as well as matching socks for my new GrandDaughter. Could you please take the time out to teach me and others on how this would be done. I think I’ve seen everything but this style taught on the web…would you feel up to teaching us more or some how showing better just how it is done!
    Thanks in Advance and Happy Holidays…
    I just found your site and I am very intriqurd to say the least. I want to make this so bad with a matching pair of socks with probably like Pony beads or smaller or whatever you suggest would work great for both?? See I am so lost I don’t ever know what kind of beads to use…I know I wouldn’t want anything small like seed beeds but would the pony beads work o would they be too big. I can’t go with anything too costly due to being disabled and having no income of my own.
    Thanks a Million in Avance,
    Sandi Woods aka FourGirlzMom aka CCPAGal and I just became a GrandMaMa for the first time October 9th which lit this fire under my but!
    Could you, would ou plese help me.
    Thanks in a million!

  2. Looks cute, I am just teaching myself to crochet online and thought this would be a simple first project. My only trouble with the instructions so far is, that some of the abbreviations slow me down,I have to go to the online crochet dictionary to decipher them. I look forward to whipping some of these up with no problem as soon as I get the hang of it! Thanks for the instructions.

  3. very beautiful.i will try it.thank you for that great idea.

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