Bad Back Cures You’d Never Think Of!

Ever woken up feeling like you slept on a bed of rusty nails instead of snug in your soft, warm bed? A bad back doesn’t just cause shooting pains, it interrupts your sleep and can interfere with your concentration at work. While many of us try to keep flare ups under control by reaching for the Ibuprofen at the first twinge of pain, there are other ways you can banish your slipped disc and sciatica demons for good. Don’t forget there’s also whole host of helpful tips and tricks that’ll see your pain levels drop significantly!


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Ditch Your Mattress


The next time you change your bedsheets take everything off until you’re left with just the mattress and then have a look at it. We don’t just mean a cursory glance, actually examine it the way you might a dodgy piece of meat. Are there any holes in it? Does it feel lumpy? Can you feel the springs poking through the material? Is your mattress faded or stained? Does it smell of mildew in any way? You’ll find more questions online as well as

tips for buying a tempur mattress but if one, or more, of your answers is yes! There’s a good chance your mattress is harming instead of helping you. Don’t just think putting down another blanket, or pillow under your back will help! That’s a short-term solution to a long-term problem that requires a bit more thought i.e. purchasing a new supportive mattress.


Walk It Off


Believe it or not, even though you want to curl up in bed at the first sign of pain or lie down flat on the floor it’s not always the best thing to do. In fact, doctors now recommend that even with severe pain you try to stay active as much as possible. It may mean downing painkillers like they’re smarties, but it’s vital that you stay on your feet and keep moving about so that your muscles don’t seize up. If you absolutely can’t stand the pain and need to take a couple of days of work that’s fine, but try to do activities at home that require you to move around like gentle housework, shopping and gardening. Eventually, the pain will lessen allowing you to get on with your daily routine. There’s no need to wait until it’s gone completely if you feel ready and able to return to work then do so, chances are being busy will keep your mind off any further twinges.   


Take A Chill Pill


Try to remain positive and optimistic even when feeling miserable as our pain receptors become more sensitive to stress. Allowing ourselves to become worked up will tighten the back muscles, tensing them further then makes any pain you’re feeling much worse. Why not try a guided meditation or visualisation CD if you’re feeling frustrated? Listen to some soft music or read a book while treating yourself to a favourite snack? Whatever you choose to do it’s important that you stay as calm as you can as your body will feel the benefits much quicker than if you were a bundle of nerves.  


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