Awesome Improvements I’m Considering Making To My Home’s Exterior

I love making improvements to my home, particularly if I can turn it into a DIY job. Avid readers of my blog will know I installed a swimming pool in my backyard. While I didn’t do most of the work, I did manage to get my hands dirty. You might be wondering why I do so many improvements to my home, and the answer is simple. I’m always working on the premise of a future sale. I’ve got no plans to move just yet but eventually I will, and I want my house in tip-top shape. That includes the outside, and I’m currently in the process of considering a few improvements.




Installing A Door Canopy


I’ll be honest I’ve always wanted a front porch, but they are pretty complex to build and setup by yourself. It also takes a lot of time and work during which you have got a nasty eyesore at the front of your home. It’s just not worth it so I’ll wait until I move and add it to my dream home wish list. For now though i think I’ve found the solution. You can buy door canopies online that can be installed by two people. They’re lightweight, low maintenance and look stunning. The best part is that they are made of fibreglass and for that reason very durable.


Sprucing Up My Front Windows


I’ll probably do this at some point next weekend because it’s so simple. All I need are a few little decorations, perhaps a vase of flowers and some pictures. I might also put some fairy lights around the upstairs window, so the outside of the house looks gorgeous at night. This a brilliant idea if you are selling because it gives potential buyers a taste of how beautiful the inside of your home is. Windows aren’t just for looking out of; they’re so other people can look in.


Front Water Feature


I’ve been looking for an improvement that will make my neighbours green with envy, and I think I’ve found it. Installing a water feature separates your home from any houses that look identical to yours and is a beautiful add on to the house. The tricky part is maintaining it but I have read online you can set one up that is low maintenance. It just requires laying down some rocks and fixing in a plastic pipe with a water source that you can turn on off. I haven’t quite got the idea yet, but I’m working on planning.


Decorative Ornaments


I’ve just noticed my neighbour has got a gorgeous black stone, stag at the front of her home. I don’t know where she got it, but I’ve found some similar types online. It looks magnificent, and I’m sure they’ve put it up because they are getting ready to sell. It certainly gives the house a talking point. But, then again so will my water feature once I get it set up.


Improving The Driveway


More for me rather than a selling point but the final thing I’m considering is tarmacking the front drive. Mainly because I am tired of going over lumps and bumps, everytime I park my car!


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