Are You Sharing Your Feelings? Show Some Style with a few Well-Placed Emoji Pillows

Over the last several years, the world has become obsessed with the emoji pillow. These simple toys combine the crazy emoji designs that became popular in the late nineties with a comfortable throw pillow. With a variety of different emotions to choose from, the sky’s the limit when it comes to expressing your feelings through […]

Outdoor Living: Enjoy Your Garden All Year Round

If you love spending as much time as possible outdoors, your garden poses something of a problem. Most people enjoy the blooms, colors, and growth of the spring and summer in their garden, of course, but during fall and winter, it’s a different story. However, there are plenty of ways of sprucing up your backyard […]

How To Get More From Your Garden, All Year Round

I love gardens, I think they’re a wonderful place to express yourself, and they really add something extra to your home. The only problem I have is that I don’t find myself or my family using our garden all year round. It gets a lot of use in the summer, and maybe in the spring […]

Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day, So Why Move House That Fast?

Image Source   As moving day approaches, most of us start to question what we’ve let ourselves in for. In that one short day, you’ll need to clear out your old house, get everything into a van, and unload it at the other end. Not to mention that, if you want any comfort, you’ll need […]

Creating A Relaxing Sanctuary

image   In our busy lives, it can be hard to find time to relax, either because we can’t find the time, or don’t have the space to do it. It’s hard to relax surrounded by ironing, piles of toys, or yelling children. But not finding the time can be some detrimental to your health, […]

Six Essential Things Yo Do Before You Unpack on Moving Day

Photographer   So, you’re finally into your new home. The moving vans have departed, the boxes are all ready to be unpacked and you have the new keys in your possession.  It’s an exciting time, but as tempted as you may be to get knee deep in throw pillows and scented candles straight away, it’s […]

7 Simple Ways To Add a Touch of Class To Your Living Room

Your living room should be relaxing and comfortable, and a reprieve from the outside world. But let’s be honest: you’re also a classy soul, and that should be reflected in your living room. And the good news is that adding a few touches of class to your house couldn’t be easier. Below, we take a […]

The Most Common Reasons Women Struggle With Conceiving

The ability to get pregnant and to bring new life into the world is a wonderful gift. It’s one that a lot of women take for granted since there’s a significant portion who have trouble experiencing it. Fertility issues are widespread, but there’s no one cure-all treatment for them. If you’re concerned about why you’re […]

Small Items and Large Quantities: Are You Using Your Dump Bins Effectively?

We all love the imaginative, pristine displays at high-end retailers. But effective displays aren’t all about glamour and art – they’re primarily about selling. And there’s one simple display tool you may have overlooked while trying to push more units out the door: dump bins.   When and Where to Use Dump Bins   Dump […]

Create Santa’s Grotto At Home

Image   Every kid at some point in their lives has walked through the mall and visited Santa and his elves near Christmas time. Kids love Santa, sitting on his lap and telling him what they want for Christmas is all part of the festive magic. If you feel like bringing that magic home with […]

Preparing Your Home for the Holiday Season

Halloween is just around the corner and Christmas is well on its way, for many families this means only one thing. Family and guests, descending over your humble abode. Now, after a whole busy year everyone’s house has probably seen better days. As well as probably a slight mess here and there, some of the […]

Privacy For Your Garden The Right Way

Our gardens are a safe haven for us to relax in when the weather is nice, with a few cold drinks and possibly a BBQ with your friends and family. It can be difficult to enjoy this time if your garden is overlooked, or the private time with your family can be seen by the […]

How to Tuck Your Garden in for Winter

It won’t be long until it is time to tuck your garden into bed for the long winter ahead. But before you do, there are some essential preparations that you should make so it is ready to bloom when spring comes around again. A lot of the work that you are going to do involves […]

The Safe House (For Your Elderly Relative)   Old age is something that is difficult to come to terms with, and along with the health concerns, the personal impact is huge on both sides of the equation, from the perspective of the relatives of the person, or the person themself. When you have to think about the best way to care […]

Going Open Plan? Read This First

Image – Pexels   Open plan living is very much on trend right now. Many homeowners are getting very adventurous with their homes and knocking down walls so that they can make their rooms as large as possible. Not only do open plan rooms help you get more out of your floor space, but it […]

4 Super Home-Safety Garden Tips

Pexels   When you think of home safety, it’s likely that you consider all the small dangers which can occur within your home. Fall hazards, electrical issues and plumbing mishaps can all contribute to creating an unhealthy home space. However, the exterior of your home is just as important, and so making sure your garden […]

Decorating the Mid-Century Way

Clean, classic lines, a bright pop of color, graphic interest and a nod to the Atomic Age — these elements characterize the Mid-Century style, which has made a recent resurgence, often with subtle, modern tweaks that refresh a look that’s been in play for nearly 70 years. The popularity of television shows like Mad Men […]

Home Maintenance Faux Pas: 5 Areas Where You’re Only Doing Half A Job

Maintaining a happy home is top of everyone’s agenda. There’s a very strong chance that you already dedicate a lot of time and money to those tasks. In reality, though, you could probably see far better results with only a minimal increase of effort. Now is the time to start.   Use these tips to […]

Keep Your Garden Colourful This Winter

  Autumn is a gorgeous season; the vibrant colours give the sky and trees a fiery glow, and when the leaves fall it’s like it’s raining gold. Unfortunately, although the leaves might turn orange, red, and brown, the rest of our garden starts to wither away and die. Once all the leaves have fallen we’ll […]

When You Can’t DIY: 5 Reasons to Call the Plumber Instead

    There are times when even the most experienced do-it-yourselfer must throw in the towel and enlist the help of an expert. Rather than hang your head low because you couldn’t fix a problem on your own, relish in what you’ll learn while you observe the professional work in his or her element. Plumbing […]