Are You Sharing Your Feelings? Show Some Style with a few Well-Placed Emoji Pillows

Over the last several years, the world has become obsessed with the emoji pillow. These simple toys combine the crazy emoji designs that became popular in the late nineties with a comfortable throw pillow. With a variety of different emotions to choose from, the sky’s the limit when it comes to expressing your feelings through home décor. The fun and colorful designs can allow you to use them throughout your home to help bring some fun to your home.


The Emergence of the Emoji


Since the birth of the emoji in 1998, the small picture characters have become a worldwide phenomenon. The first 180 emoji collection was created by Shigetaka Kurita for a Japanese mobile web platform according to the website Phrasee. In the early days of the emoji, each service provider had their own set of emoji, creating issues with communicating between networks.


In 2010, more than a decade after the emoji made its debut, Unicode stepped in to create the standard set of emoji we know today. Unicode has always been successful in navigating and correcting linguistic compatibility, making them the perfect company to tackle the standardization of the emoji. Today there are 845 emoji characters that are commonly supported across most platforms, with more being added every year.


Why Emoji Pillows are So Popular


Over the last nineteen years, the popularity of the emoji has grown exponentially to include a wide range of products that feature the fun-loving picture characters. From t-shirts to slippers to backpacks, emoji are displayed on just about everything. One of the more popular products to hit the market in recent years is the emoji pillows.  


Thanks to the various social media platforms, the emoji pillows have gained in popularity. Each pillow is designed to not only be fun, but comfortable as well. They come in several sizes making them a great addition to your living room, guest room, or kid’s room. With a variety of different styles to choose from, you can find an emoji pillow to fit your mood.


How to Decorate with Emoji Pillows


When it comes to using emoji pillows in your home, the same decorating rules apply. Whether you are arranging pillows on your couch, window seat, or bed, you want to aim for a symmetrical arrangement, according to the experts at Ballard Designs. Sticking to a balanced design helps to keep things feeling polished and organized. You also want to try and vary the size and shapes of the throw pillows, for instance, you can use a poop emoji pillow next to a smaller smiley face emoji pillow to add additional interest. When you are not using the pillows, you can store them in a decorative basket or storage bin.

The quirky and fun-loving emoji pillows have quickly found their place in today’s culture. Adding an emoji pillow to your living room, bedroom, or guest room is a great way to help convey how you’re feeling. These popular pillows will continue to serve as fun decorations for homeowners around the world.

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