Adventures in Hair Chalking for Dark Hair {DIY and tips}

Hair Chalking 2 Hair Chalking

I know hair chalking has been popular for awhile now, but I thought I would share my tips on chalking dark hair. As you can see my hair is really dark. It looks black, but it’s actually dark brown.

Here are some tips I learned the hard way:

  • Choose locks of hair and make sure they are VERY wet. Spray them if need be. If I’m doing more than one section, I make sure the first is completely set before moving on to the next.
  • Wear an old shirt or use an old towel around your shoulders so you don’t smear chalk all over your clothes.
  • Clip your hair out of the way. No need to get chalk on strands that aren’t supposed to be chalked–sort of ruins the whole “chunky look”, right?
  • I use a cheap pack of $5 art chalk from the craft store. It has about 35ish colors to choose from. Regular chalk will not work. You need pastels but in chalk form.
  • Use gloves if you are mixing colors. Change your gloves per color change. You can wash it off in between, but if you miss some you will have to rinse and re-do.
  • Twist your lock of hair to ensure you are getting chalk the whole way around. Twist it a few different ways as you are adding chalk.
  • Hold the ends in the palm of your hand to rub chalk over. These parts can be easily missed or poorly done. You may waste extra chalk this way, but the look is worth it. And really, they aren’t that expensive anyway.
  • Use a flat iron or curling iron on your hair while it is still wet. This will set the color. Yah it’s not the best for your hair, so you may want to make sure you use conditioners or damage repair products if you’re going to do this regularly.
  • Make sure to thoroughly clean your flat iron between color changes as color residue sticks to the iron.
  • I’ve heard the color can last days for my blonde-haired friends, but I am lucky if mine survives 24 hours. Use hair spray to hold the color.
  • Don’t sleep on a pillow you will be upset if it gets stained. If you don’t wash the chalk out before bed, you can expect some color smears. So put those expensive Egyptian cotton sheets away!

Any  more tips? I’d love to hear your experiences!


PS – I party here!



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