Add Some Joy to Your Bathroom With These Updates

You deserve to enjoy yourself in the bathroom, or at least to feel comfortable. You spend a lot more time in there than you might realize, so it’s worth making it a relaxing place to be. Bathrooms can seem like ordinary rooms, but you can easily make them a little less ordinary with some fun and useful updates. Try these ideas for some handy additions to your bathroom that you’re sure to enjoy.


Put In a Heated Towel Rail


It’s not the most high-tech of bathroom updates, but a heated towel rail can change your life. Every shower or bath you have from now on, you can step out and wrap yourself in a warm and fluffy towel. It’s absolute bliss, especially in the middle of the winter.


Boost Your Shower Head


Anyone who has ever had a shower under a particularly pathetic and lacklustre stream of water knows how important a good shower is. When the pressure is low and the coverage barely enough to land on your shoulders, you might as well have a sponge bath. A large shower head makes a huge difference, especially when the water pressure is just right.


Add Some Entertainment


Some people can get bored in the bathroom. It’s fair enough: it’s not exactly the most exciting room in your home. You can make it more interesting by adding something to keep you occupied, like a waterproof speaker or maybe even a bathroom TV.


Install a Washlet


What is a washlet? It’s essential an electronic toilet seat, with water jets for washing. The Japanese have been using them for a long time, and they know their toilets. There are lots of options to choose from, though, so comparing your available choices is essential.


Infographic Design From Washlet Comparison 

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