A Guide To Creating An Outdoor Play Area Kids Will Love

A Guide To Creating An Outdoor Play Area Kids Will Love

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Children love being outdoors, so why not create them their very own outdoor play area? Having an outside area to play in will keep them fit and healthy and encourage them to keep active.


Whether you want to create an educational play area, a fun area or a sensory area, the backyard is the ideal place to build it.


For our ultimate guide to creating the perfect outdoor play area, have a read of this.


Make a plan


Start by choosing where in your garden you want the play area to be located. Consider how large you want it to be and how much you can afford to spend building it.


Once you have established a budget, decide on what you would like your play area to include. Do you want an active play area, a sensory area, a creativity play area, a nature play area, or a combination of all of these? Think about what you want your children to get out of their new play center.


Sit down and plan out in detail how you want it to look, the tools you will need and how much it will cost. Consider whether you will need to employ a professional contractor to help out or whether you can build the play area yourself. Think about the materials you will use – will they be child safe?


Consider whether your play area will have cover


If you want your children to get the most use out of their outdoor play area as possible, it is worth considering adding a roofed area to it. Wooden summer houses make excellent outdoor play houses – they can be incorporated into your new play area and used during wet or cold weather. Or, you could consider covering your child’s play area with a long lasting gazebo or pagoda roof instead. A gazebo would be a slightly cheaper alternative to a summer house.


If you are creating an educational play center, then you may want to think about adding a small television screen into it. This would allow your child to watch educational programs and DVDs about nature, whilst outside.


If you are thinking about incorporating a television into your child’s play area, these outdoor TV enclosures are an excellent way to keep the television safe.


Choose what to include in your play area


An active play area should incorporate space to run around and play in, with equipment that encourages this. Things like a slide, a swing, and a trampoline are popular equipment choices for active play areas. But, if your budget just won’t stretch that far, bikes, skipping ropes, hula hoops, and balls can work just as well.


A sensory play area should incorporate sand pits, water pits, and mud pits, as well as the tools needed to play in them. Whilst a permanent sand pit makes a great toy, a moveable one can work just as well.


A creative play area is an excellent way to encourage children to use their imagination. A creative area would work well in a summer house or under a gazebo. Things like musical instruments, building blocks and art materials are great for imaginative outdoor play.

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