7 Simple Ways To Add a Touch of Class To Your Living Room

Your living room should be relaxing and comfortable, and a reprieve from the outside world. But let’s be honest: you’re also a classy soul, and that should be reflected in your living room. And the good news is that adding a few touches of class to your house couldn’t be easier. Below, we take a look at seven easy additions. Let’s class things up!


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Simple Decor


Classiness lies in simplicity. When it comes to selecting the decor for your living room, don’t overdo things: having just a couple of shades, with a few colorful features thrown into the mix too, will have a more significant impact than if you overcrowd your living with a mish-mash of colors and features. You don’t have to go as far as transforming your living room to a bare bones, minimalist hideaway, but remember that all classiness stems from an air of simplicity!


Add a Work of Art


Art infiltrates every area of modern life: you’ll see in advertisements, restaurants, in office blocks, and so on. Yet it’s unusually absent from many homes, and this is odd because it can transform a home. Indeed, it’s one of the quickest ways to make your house look more luxurious! Of course, there’s an art (hey) to buying pieces for your home. Try to find works of art that are suitable for size and color for your living area. Once you’ve found a piece that you love (and you do need to love it: you’ll be seeing it every day!), make sure you hang in a prominent place. That way, it’ll be the centrepiece of your living room, instantly drawing eyes to all that enter the room.


Keeping Cool, Staying Warm


There are practical considerations for the living room that’ll you need to consider too. Chiefly, that you’ll need to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. However, that doesn’t mean you need to compromise your classy ambitions just because things need to get practical for a second. In the summer, keep cool with dual ceiling fans; they not only keep you cool, but add style and class to your home. In the winter, avoid those big and clunky heaters. Go for heating stoves or, if possible, a fireplace. Either will vastly improve the look of your living room when it’s chilly outside.


Disguising the Television


Let’s be honest: a television can keep you entertained for hours, but it’s hard to ignore that they’re not the most attractive appliance you can have in the living room. And with the size of them these days, they’ll quickly draw attention away from your work of art if it’s not covered up. While you can hide your TV behind a retractable cover, these can be expensive. A simpler way is to decorate the area around the television, and then remove any obstacles when you want to tune in. This has an added effect of making you think twice about watching television: hello, more reading time!


Add Vintage Pieces


It’s hard to make a piece from the 1990’s or 1980’s look classy, but for those wooden pieces that date back decades? They have style in abundance. The good thing about these selections is that you don’t have to kit out your whole living room with that style. They’ll fit in with modern furniture, providing they’re been placed properly. If your living space could do with a bit of flair, it’s time to hit the antique flea market and see what you can find.


The Added Details


It’s not just the big things that’ll give your living room a luxury feel. It’s all about the small details. When it comes to your pillow covers and throws, invest in high-quality fabrics: the price difference won’t be that substantial, but they’ll have a vastly improved look. Also, don’t underestimate just how big of an impact a bookshelf can have. It’s a sophisticated addition that’ll also keep you entertained, especially since you won’t be watching as much television from now on!


Make the Room Big


You can be classy in all shapes and sizes, but it’s important that you’re able to see it, and if a room is overly cramped then this won’t be possible. Endeavor to make the room bigger, be it through placing your furniture properly or adding light (both humanmade and natural). All the most luxurious spaces have an air of grandeur about them!


Take the tips above, and you’ll be on your way to living in class in no time.


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