6 Reasons To Move To Tallahassee

How do you choose a new city to move to? I suppose you could close your eyes and throw a dart at a map, but you don’t want to take any chances. You could be living in this place for the rest of your life so it’s not something that you want to mess about with. There are plenty of great cities out there, but one of the hottest right now is Tallahassee in Florida State. It’s a city that has something for everybody so whoever you are, you’ll be happy there. If you’re planning on selling up and moving but you still aren’t convinced, here are a few of the best reasons to move to Tallahassee.




Great Education


If you’re moving with a family, education is an important consideration to make. If it’s a deal breaker for you, you won’t be disappointed. Tallahassee is home to Florida A and M was voted one of the best research institutions in the country by the National Science Foundation. You can also find the Florida State University which boasts a brilliant athletics program. They also have their own museum of arts on campus. If you have ambitions in the political world, this is a great place to get a foot in the door.


Great Housing


Just like any popular city, the housing options in Tallahassee are great. There are a whole host of amazing properties on offer. Just check out companies like Joe Manausa Real Estate to see what is on offer.


Natural Attractions


If nature is your thing then don’t worry, Tallahassee is home to one of the best natural parks in the country. The Alfred B. Maclay State Botanical Gardens plays host to great hiking trails, picnic areas, a museum and cycling tracks. There are plenty of great places to go birdwatching to keep the nature enthusiasts happy.


Food And Drink


Place to eat and drink are plentiful in Tallahassee. The city is full of quirky restaurants and cafes inspired by the Cuban heritage that characterizes the area. One of the most popular places in the city is the Kool Beanz Cafe, offering an eclectic menu of fusion dishes. The city has lots of great markets serving local produce that is used by loads of the restaurants in the local area.




The art scene in Tallahassee is just as rich as its culinary heritage. Beautiful, historic architecture can be found all over the city, accented by over a hundred public murals, sculptures and monuments. On top of that you will find plenty of art galleries, museums and music venues to keep you entertained. Every year there is plenty of great arts festivals on in the city. The biggest one is the Tallahassee Film x Art x Music x Experience Festival which showcases some of the most inventive and groundbreaking arts out there.


Family Friendly


It might sound like Tallahassee is just a city for young hipsters but that isn’t true. It also has a lot offer families as well. The city is filled with plenty of family friendly activities, especially in the nature parks and museums. The schooling in the city is also great, so it is a great place to raise a family.  


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