6 Ideas To Encourage Your Energetic Children To Play Outside



Our gardens are often overlooked during the winter months, but during the summer are we utilizing them to the best of our ability? It’s easy to just throw up a portable pool or trampoline and call it a day, but getting outside is one of the healthiest activities there is, and no matter if you have a large family, small family or none at all, your garden should be cherished with all of your heart.


Here is a list of 12 ideas that could revolutionize the way you use your gardening space to entertain and relax.




Gardening is a great way to get your kids involved in the therapeutic and relaxing benefits of working with plants. Not only will it give them a great appreciate for growing things, but if a vegetable patch is properly maintained, will teach them about patience, willingly working towards something without short-term reward, as well as giving them an appreciation for where our food comes from and how it’s grown.


Pool Parties


If your child has a birthday coming up, or your area is simply in for a beautiful summer, hiring, renting or setting up a portable pool can be just the ticket to making sure your children stay outside the house and not cooped up indoors playing video games or watching television.


Impromptu BBQ’s


This is a great way to meet local neighbors, keep up to date with family members and find your children new playmates. Just be sure dietary requirements are taken into consideration and that you safely set up the gas canister if using a specialty BBQ.


Even if you don’t want to host or have a BBQ, simply eating dinner outside on your garden furniture under a warm sun can be a beautiful way to relax.


Family Sports Day


This can be a great and goofy way to bond with your children, especially in a summer month. Composing a family sports day with a few silly games can help your children fall in love with outdoor activity. This doesn’t have to mean you have a singular day dedicated to fun sports, this might also mean going on a family bike ride or nature trail.


Child Show & Tell


Letting a child come up with a silly ‘show’ to present the parents is a tried and tested formula for a child to explore their silly, playful personality with you. Maybe crafting hand puppets for them or letting them do cool tricks on the trampoline will help you bond together and make the most of your outdoor space!


Making Art From Nature


Gathering up particularly beautiful leaves and framing them so they last is a great way to pay respect to nature, and give your kids attention to detail when it comes to appreciating the nuance of beauty nature provides. This can also be a great time to educate them about the trees in your garden, as well as assessing the tree health of your property. If you’re lacking in this department, considering consulting a professional service like Arborist USA www.arboristusa.com


On the whole, keeping your family outdoors and active will have positive effects on the way you bond. Set the example here by creating a beautiful and inviting outdoor space that they want to be in, and you’ll have trouble getting them back inside!


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