6 Bad Habits Effecting Your Health!

We all have some bad habits. Even if it’s something as simple as leaving the light on downstairs. Sometimes, however, bad habits can be bad for our health. Have a look at some of the worst habits that could be hurting your health:



  • Smoking


 6 Bad Habits Effecting Your Health!

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Possibly the most obvious bad habit; smoking. I don’t even need to tell you the effects smoking has on one’s body. But they greatly outweigh any pro’s smoking claims to have. A lot of people smoke because they’re stressed. Make changes in your life to cut down on stress, which will help you cut down on smoking.


  • Excessive Drinking


Smoking’s ugly sister; alcohol abuse. There’s nothing wrong with a glass of wine or two. In fact, red wine can carry some health benefits. But drinking lots of alcohol every day can seriously damage your health. Liver damage is just one of many problems excessive drinking can cause. Having a drinking problem doesn’t mean you’re stuck with one. You can visit alcohol treatment centres for women, to try and kick the addiction.


  • Continuous Slouching


Throughout your daily life, you may find that you constantly slouch. Whether it’s just walking around or being slouched in a chair. Poor posture can cause chronic problems, both now and in the future. The most common slouching problem is the rounding of your shoulders. Standing/sitting with your shoulders rounded forwards leads to back and neck pain. If you find you do have chronic back pain, then see these simple exercises for relief.


  • Binge Eating

 6 Bad Habits that are Effecting Your Health!

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Constantly eating snacks throughout the day can seem fun, but ultimately be damaging. Eating fatty foods can be bad for your heart and lead to all sorts of issues. Also, by eating foods high in sugar, you run the risk of developing diabetes. We all need a treat now and then, but you mustn’t overdo it!


  • Grinding Your Teeth


A lot of people grind their teeth without even thinking about it. I’ve done it on many occasions! It can be an annoying habit, that’s hard to kick. Excessive teeth grinding can cause serious damage to your teeth. But it can also lead to jaw pain and other painful issues. If you notice yourself teeth-grinding then try to stop immediately!


  • Too Much Screen Time


 6 Bad Habits That Effect Your Health!

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This is a bad habit that affects everyone!! Constantly staring at bright phone/TV screens can be awful for our health. The worst time for it is just before bed. By submitting your eyes to these screens and can make it difficult for you to get to sleep. Sleep deprivation leads to stress, dark circles under your eyes and general grouchiness. Put your phone away and make a comfortable sleeping environment for yourself. Too much screen watching can also lead to sight problems as well as constant headaches.

A lot of these habits are popular amongst housewives who spend lots of time at home. Looking after children/your home can be stressful. Continued stress leads to bad habits. Take time out of your day, where possible, to relax and do something you enjoy. Try and find ways to replace bad habits with good ones! Snack on some celery sticks instead of crisps. Read a book, instead of watching TV before bed. There are quick fixes that can help you. Hopefully, they will end up banishing your bad habits!

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