5 Style Upgrades To Try This Spring

While winter is a great time for stylish coats, cozy knitwear and warm accessories, there’s something refreshing about spring. Finally, you can start ditching the layers and embrace new season style. Want to get ready for spring fashion? Here are five style upgrades you need to try.

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1. Lighten up your color palette

While winter was all about neutral shades and dark, muted colors, spring trends see lighter shades return to the fold. Think pastel colours like pinks and blues, ideal for pairing with white and grey items for a more seasonal look. Florals are also a popular look for spring, so you’ll find some great pieces in stores at the moment.

2. Embrace the paper bag waist

If you’re a fan of high waists, you’ll be thrilled with this season’s top waistline trend – the paper bag. A paper bag waist is extremely flattering, and whether you choose to wear pants, shorts or skirt with this waist type, you’ll find plenty of styles and colors available. There are multiple ways to wear a paper bag waist, making it one of this season’s hottest looks.

3. Accessorize with jewelry

This season’s jewelry trends feature some great looks, including statement necklaces and bold earrings, while pearls are also making a comeback this season. For beautiful jewelry that’s always in style, check out Roma Designer Jewelry. There are some amazing pieces available that perfectly fit in with this season’s trends, but will also make timeless additions to your collection. Try mixing metals and gems for a more colorful look.

4. Try a color pop

A dash of color is the perfect way to embrace spring style. This year’s bright colours include ochre yellow, fuschia pink and violet that are a cool way to make a style statement. Whether you dress head-to-toe in one cool shade or brighten up an outfit with one color-pop piece, you’ll be sure to turn heads. The pants/jacket combination looks set to be one of the most popular ways to wear the trend, ideal for taking the look from day to evening.

5. Reinvent the 80s.

80s fashion is back this spring, but not in the nightmare-inducing flashbacks of your youth. Think mom jeans, slogan tees and funky sneakers – easily the season’s most comfortable trend. You can find some good pieces in thrift stores, while eBay is another good place to look for vintage 80s clothing. Take a look at brands like Levi, Tommy Hilfiger and Adidas for inspiration on how to wear the look.


Keeping up to date with current fashion trends can be costly, but it doesn’t need to be. There are some great ways to enjoy fashion on a budget that will allow you to try out the latest looks without breaking the bank. When it comes to wearing new season trends, look for items that will last for seasons to come to make them a lasting part of your wardrobe. There’s another exciting season ahead for fashion, so make sure you keep an eye out for these latest looks.

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