5 Staging Secrets For Your Home Sale

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Moving house and selling what you have is not an easy task. Not only have you got to pack up your things and memories, but you need to look around what now may be a tired-looking home and think of how you can set the stage for sale. It’s called staging as before a big show, the theatre gets the stage, the orchestra and the seating ready for the curtain to up and the house lights to go down. Staging means perfection and your home deserves just that before you put it up for sale.


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Your home should look warm, inviting and somewhere that people want to live. No one is going to buy a house that resembles the Addams family mansion as it doesn’t look welcoming enough! You may have a love of frilly lace doilies on every surface, but being realistic means understanding what potential homebuyers may be looking for. There are plenty of excellent companies ready to come on board and help you sell your home, but if you want to make the maximum impact yourself, without outside influences helping you, then you need to get creative. These five tips can give you a little insight to how you can have the edge for your home sale:

  1. Colours are important, and not just inside the house. If your house is painted dark red or brown, it doesn’t look as cosy or happy as a lighter, more neutral colour. Buyers need to envision a space and bright, distracting colours make this difficult. Repaint where you can and brighten up the front door and outside of the home. Curb appeal matters here!
  2. The back yard is going to be a selling point. If you have a beautiful back yard, filled with flowers and furniture, give it a clear up. Get rid of weeds, use a pressure washer to clean dirty bricks and driveway and if you are lucky enough to understand how a pool adds value and you have one, invest in pool covers and rollers from a reputable company. Installing automatic ones will only serve to help your purpose and it’s a little something to show off when prospective buyers make their rounds.
  3. Taking down family photos and heavy curtains will automatically declutter smaller rooms. Have blinds put up to maximise the wall space, and remove personal touches. Buyers want to see the space and the home it can be for them, rather than your house with your stamp on it.
  4. Hire in cleaners. Even if you have gone over the entire house top to bottom, getting in a professional outfit to do it again and get the places you missed will be money well spent. You need to have a sparkly home to impress the viewers.
  5. Add little touches of life in the house. Vases of flowers in the kitchen and on tables, bowls of fresh fruit in bright colours to draw the eye and make the place look bright and alive. Pot plants on the front porch and houseplants bring small dashes of colour to larger, neutral spaces.

Staging your house can be fun if you put in that little effort – you’ll be looking at a sale in no time.


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